As a result of the material developed for the practical CRM seminars in Colombia by the Mind of Colombia company, developed a set of practical tools to support caregivers define and execute CRM or sales force automation projects. This set of tools is what forms the practical CRM Kit. It has shown that CRM projects are not only based on technology. It is coordinated on four fronts, work or how we have called us: 4 pillars, guaranteeing a consistent and methodological implementation. To properly organize a CRM initiative, it is necessary to structure each of the components of the same (processes, people, data and technology) to ensure the expected results.

A CRM initiative involves the development of one or more projects, which in turn requires implementing activities such as evaluation, planning, design, justification, implementation, etc., which are conducted through a set of tools that allow to achieve the expected results. There is on the market a wide range of literature on CRM, many web sites dedicated to the topic, but it is very little that can be found as practical material that you can use at the moment of initiating the development of a CRM initiative and less in Spanish language.Practical CRM Kit offers the team that undertakes a CRM initiative the methodological framework that allows you to configure the initiative, justify it, put it into practice and evaluate their results in a successful way, in their language and with practices used in Spanish-speaking countries. We believe that this tool is of vital importance for those people who are involved in the development of CRM or SFA projects to the interior of the organizations. Original author and source of the article