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William Bridges

People in the company often resist resist convincing is that the change proposed would not be the best for the organization. To this is added in addition, lack of sufficient information, allowing that they can not assess the information necessary for the proposed change. Sometimes resistance is manifested by coercion to personal and political reasons, to the fact, show the manager that does not have the power to provoke a new action, giving way to a resistance often points out, that the resistance to change may be due to what is called the cost of losing invested, i.e., the proposed changes threaten investments that individuals or groups have made in their experience. What can you do to eliminate the resistance change? a return to evaluate the proposed change; experiment with alternative changes. (b) provide additional information. (C) respond to resistance as if it were illegitimate.

d investigate ways how the group could preserve, provide additional information, allow more time to form a new group after a change is implemented. minimize changes that anachronistic again the important skills or that impellers the system of degrees. Account management must be clear and well defined (what) is (are) changes to make, the process of change from the personal point of view, to do so are invited to bear in mind that in accordance with what stated William Bridges, one of the authors specialized instead, as he has been raised in the case of organizations, at a personal level change also involves inevitably pass through three very important States. The first has to do with the completion of the old state of things, letting something go. The second is the neutral zone, stage to which we are referring to mention the concept of transition. The psychological process is by which persons must pass to be in tune with the new situation.

It is important to understand that change doesn’t happen without this process. The third is the new home, the first steps within the new reality. Conclusions very often valid as indicated by Alejandro Reyes and Jose angel Velasquez, a well-conducted change process involving a personal transformation that makes the man more alert, more flexible and therefore has to initiate an analysis of internal review and self-knowledge. The senior management of the Organization and also all its workers must be involved in this change as a process of lifelong learning. Fundamental changes are not matters of Decree and perhaps presented us the opportunity to use these turbulent times for which our values and principles that represent our equilibria occur in the person and the company.It is good to be alert, and although it is not possible to stop the dizzying pace of change, we must at least be aware of the unstable balance in turns constantly, being indispensable to stop many times is necessary to listen to, to try to understand, refocusing the objectives, achievements and goals in a common direction. Let us not forget our co-existence with the Organization, if not, perhaps the change exceeds our capacity to respond. * Sources: Brooks e. (1980) Organizational Change. The Managerial Dilemma. London: The MacMillan Press Ltd. – Arthur Andersen (1998) management practices for the 21st century. Editorial La Palma. Spain. -Notes of Chair in organizational behavior. Program management quality, Faces, UC original author and source of the article.