Advice Research

In accordance with the text of tetraidrocanabinol, that it is the responsible active principle for its effect, more powerful will be the cannabis. Thus, being, the hashish makes use of a great portion of this active principle, whereas marijuana is composed for a dose lower (TO EAT, 2003). In view of the effect of marijuana it can be said that this less modifies the chemical environment of the brain, becoming the individual most susceptible some activities and others (BURGIERMAN, 2002). The use of marijuana can bring some consequences to the user and these will be in accordance with the situation, the dose and the frequency. some of these consequences can be the physical and psychic dependence, cancergenas injuries, alterations in the brain, suspicion of sexual disfunes, possibilities of infarto, panic, madness, comprometimentos with the pregnancy, and others. To if thinking about these consequences it can be understood that it will be able to exist or not Pr.

A questionnaire elaborated was used for this research through> bibliographical analyses previously raised, composed of 19 closed, objective questions and some referring half-open dependents and to the subject. After the approval of the project for the Advice of Ethics with Human beings and by means of the term of assent signed for the representative who answers for the direction of the institution. The graduation courses had been chosen randomly, giving to privilege the pupils of 18 the 20 years attending a course the first year and of 21 the 35 years attending a course the third year, as well as that if they had declared through the questionnaire using of drugs. In the collection of data the identification of the citizens was not demanded, nor questions that would come to cause possible exposition of the same ones and these had been applied of collective form in classroom, with a previous communication on the objectives of the research and after the signature of the term of assent for the participant citizens of the research.