Mediating Process

Why to investigate the evaluation in the school? This thematic one it is argued in the half academics with deepening so that to the difficulties of the quantitative evaluation and its transistion for the qualitative way are identified. An immediate transistion of a meritocrtico and classificatrio avaliativo system for a cooperative and formative system would practically be impensvel. The qualitative evaluation still is atrelada to the behavior of the pupil, taking itself in account since its physical presence in room until the delivery of the pertaining to school activities with pontualidade. One searchs to understand the theoretical evidences so that if it considers a system, mixing and initially gradual, of evaluation. A procedure is considered in this research in order to make use itself of an only characteristic in the avaliativo process: to become instrument of accompaniment and development of learning. In practical pedagogical that evolved socially conceptual and, the educational axle passed of the centralidade of knowing in the figure of the professor, for the centralization in the citizen of the process of learning, the learning, placing itself currently practical the pedagogical one as product of the professor-learning interaction in partnership with important institutions as the proper school, in a vivified performance, and the society that it of the support. Studious of the area they estimate the existence in two ways of evaluation, calling the first way of ' ' tradicionalista' ' , where the professor represents a personage who if believes the center of the process when transmitting knowledge. The pupil, comumente represented as the social agent who learns, receives passively the knowledge that in it is deposited. The measure and the classification in this boarding are: the test, the test and ' ' trabalho' ' (a supposed research where the pupil copies the consulted workmanship textualmente). Of another luck, it has blunted a new speech of the formative evaluation, considered progressive or construtivista, preceituando that the professor is the mediating personage who carries through the diagnosis of the process teach-learning, instrument of reorientation in the process of appropriation of the knowledge for the evaluated one.