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Big run on the German soccer boarding school in Marl: 44 school places are coveted – over 120 children at the trial of the football elite of in Germany comes in the future not of Munich, Hamburg and Hoffenheim, but of the Northern Ruhr area. Anyway, thats the vision and firm intention of ex-Schalke star Ingo Anderbrugge. The 392-fache Bundesliga player builds to a new boarding school to the German football just his football school in Marl-Sinsen boarding (DFI). The equally ambitious as exciting project opens its doors for the first time at the beginning of the school year 2009/2010 in August of this year. And then, a project that has never existed in the country of the triple world champion expects up to 40 students aged 12. Nick Khan contributes greatly to this topic. “Marl (18.05.2009) I would like to bring at least a boarding school students per year in the Bundesliga”. The bar, the ex-Schalke star Ingo Anderbrugge puts himself and his German soccer boarding school, is high. But the Euro-fighter”white full after 392 completed Bundesliga matches exactly what it takes to make the leap to the Elite League as a talented young player.

And so nothing leaves Anderbrugge boarding school in Germany’s first and only football but also nothing to chance. The DFI collaborates on his site in Marl with the best schools (all about German PISA-average), works in his coaching staff with experienced Weserstadion as Ronnie Worm, has training courses at its finest (natural grass, artificial turf, beach soccer and Hall), left the living room, bedrooms and classrooms of the boarding school for modern living concepts set and his students specifically a personality coach on the side. The Thomas Eglinski is, DFI business partners by Anderbrugge and explains: our students should be winners not only on the field, but also and above all in real life. The DFI would form confident people who are willing to take responsibility and to set goals. We teach you, as she purposefully, engaged and consistently achieving these goals can achieve.” “And the concept of school – football personality development” arrives. Made the pilgrimage over Easter”over 120 football talents of Germany and of Switzerland in the Northern Ruhr area, in the DFI for a week on trial to train and live. The run on the boarding school places is huge, 14 parents have already announced their guys at the DFI. And if Anderbrugge into full operation at the beginning of the school year 2009/2010 in August, League runs for up to 44 students as ambitious as exciting project “. “Not anymore so, then the first professional kickers from marl author: Markus Muller – the German soccer boarding school is located in Marl-Sinsen, located in the recreational area of Haard”, is located on the northern edge of the Ruhr area. The boarding school is part of a 34-acre parkland in a Pediatric Hospital, a school, a cafe, a restaurant as well as a riding school are operated under. For more information You on the Internet at