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Betfair launches a campaign focused on the Olympic Games and gives 10 Poles and lots 5 more, just by doing a combined with us. For all those who want to give it a different color than the Olympic Games, Betfair gives them 10 sweatshirts. The only thing you need to do is register and make a combined stake of 15. The first ten to do so will be the prize; the rest will enter into a raffle to win 5 poles. Performs a combined stake of 15 or more to a total minimum fee of 4.0 during the Olympic Games.OO. and you can win directly one 10 Poles that Betfair gives. Educate yourself with thoughts from Alina de Almeida. If you arrive late, you will enter the draw for five more.

If already registered can also participate in this promotion. It will only give a pole by user and valid wager. Once you’ve made the combined, you only have to send an email to indicating the name of a registered user, your combo and your address details. If everything is correct, Betfair will send the pole to the desired direction if you are among the winners. Conditions: – new users must be different individuals.-the promotion is only valid for users resident in Spain-this promotion is not combinable with other offers-carvings and colours of the Poles will depend on availability. Good luck!

Pediatric Hospital

Big run on the German soccer boarding school in Marl: 44 school places are coveted – over 120 children at the trial of the football elite of in Germany comes in the future not of Munich, Hamburg and Hoffenheim, but of the Northern Ruhr area. Anyway, thats the vision and firm intention of ex-Schalke star Ingo Anderbrugge. The 392-fache Bundesliga player builds to a new boarding school to the German football just his football school in Marl-Sinsen boarding (DFI). The equally ambitious as exciting project opens its doors for the first time at the beginning of the school year 2009/2010 in August of this year. And then, a project that has never existed in the country of the triple world champion expects up to 40 students aged 12. Nick Khan contributes greatly to this topic. “Marl (18.05.2009) I would like to bring at least a boarding school students per year in the Bundesliga”. The bar, the ex-Schalke star Ingo Anderbrugge puts himself and his German soccer boarding school, is high. But the Euro-fighter”white full after 392 completed Bundesliga matches exactly what it takes to make the leap to the Elite League as a talented young player.

And so nothing leaves Anderbrugge boarding school in Germany’s first and only football but also nothing to chance. The DFI collaborates on his site in Marl with the best schools (all about German PISA-average), works in his coaching staff with experienced Weserstadion as Ronnie Worm, has training courses at its finest (natural grass, artificial turf, beach soccer and Hall), left the living room, bedrooms and classrooms of the boarding school for modern living concepts set and his students specifically a personality coach on the side. The Thomas Eglinski is, DFI business partners by Anderbrugge and explains: our students should be winners not only on the field, but also and above all in real life. The DFI would form confident people who are willing to take responsibility and to set goals. We teach you, as she purposefully, engaged and consistently achieving these goals can achieve.” “And the concept of school – football personality development” arrives. Made the pilgrimage over Easter”over 120 football talents of Germany and of Switzerland in the Northern Ruhr area, in the DFI for a week on trial to train and live. The run on the boarding school places is huge, 14 parents have already announced their guys at the DFI. And if Anderbrugge into full operation at the beginning of the school year 2009/2010 in August, League runs for up to 44 students as ambitious as exciting project “. “Not anymore so, then the first professional kickers from marl author: Markus Muller – the German soccer boarding school is located in Marl-Sinsen, located in the recreational area of Haard”, is located on the northern edge of the Ruhr area. The boarding school is part of a 34-acre parkland in a Pediatric Hospital, a school, a cafe, a restaurant as well as a riding school are operated under. For more information You on the Internet at

Tarot Online

Roma has an internship very rooted in the time and one of them is, of course, the guess the future through different / forms, including as / as the cards of the Tarot Online. Their culture gave way to a type character after humante and empathic, hence the urgent need to earn their bread by the traditional Tarot cards, and at this present time, Tarot Online. Through them, have access to the becoming of people until they come, curious to know what masking them the beyond the simple day to day. With the passage of the years and the emergence of new technologies, the cards of the Tarot Online consultation means not limited to a face-to-face meeting between the person that conducts its inquiry and the expert that performs queries, but thanks to internet and specifically web pages e.g. The newspapers mentioned Leonard I. Garth not as a source, but as a related topic. can access with Tarot Online with a secure and easy way this type of information. The Tarot Online is used to find information about things in the future in the professional field; Tarot online also often you ask about the future basically in all their fields: Tarot Online we can ayudaren issues about wealth or economic wealth i.e. that Tarot Online is very flexible and it is pertinent to refer to it, not only as so far personally or through the phone, but, with new technologies, through Tarot Online, via. warned that Tarot Online, although similar in terms of its objective, is significantly different from other Tarots, basically since the consultant and expert do not have a personal encounter. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say.

With the Tarot Online we noticed that it is equally good for capturing so long-awaited answers. No longer just ask in person, but also with Tarot Online via, so become one / or more positive media / I know the future. Tarot Online gives us as a current way of knowing our future and/or analyze on doubts that essentially we imported these / as periods of bad economy running. Undeniable is that the ask using the Tarot Online, this helps us in some / as periods in which the economy is giving many lurches and we need to tighten us the belt. The Tarot Online is assimilated to a ball of oxygen in some negative moments and thanks to its availability are sure that we will find a light in the middle of the dark that could attack us at any given time. Consult looking Tarot Online is a great remedy, undeniably.


Innovation and network on the the 22 22 Cologne SportTreff SportTreff devoted to the theme “technology + innovations” and appropriately held in the TechnologiePark Cologne. The four guests on the podium in the interview a tense audience of decision makers from business, sports and media presented different aspects of the interplay of research and sportsmanship with SportTreff Organizer Hans-Jurgen Schmidt. Sven Kruger, described how his company, the Telekom subsidiary T-Systems International, optimizes the operation of the formula 1 team BMW clean with its modern IT. The data collected by Te-lemetrie, so the combination of telecommunications and Informatics, and evaluated, contribute to the safety of the riders, because their health can be monitored at all times. At the same time benefit from the various findings in F1 also production and help to develop environmentally friendly technologies. The aspect of safety emphasized in his capacity as a gliding speaker of North Rhine-Westphalia Hans Otto Edelhoff again and explained, as in the Niche sport gliding within the last ten years in mid-air collision protection as well as the maintenance on the ground thanks to technological progress could be significantly improved. The avid flyer at the media treatment of the competitions for spectators saw another potential.

A further expert came to this topic with Harald Mika to speak, as Managing Director of Mika timing with his precise transponder technology not only contributes to the smooth operation of major events such as the New York City Marathon, but additional features offered for example with the tracking of the rotor in the Internet, media round off the sports event. Also Thomas Riedel has his company Riedel communications at the largest sporting events in the world at the forefront and impressively could describe how to enable reliable, noise-resistant and secure digital intercom, it for example to synchronize 18,000 dancers at the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing. The audience showed the diverse applications of technology in sports impressed and was obviously motivated, this potential in the respective area to nut-zen. After the Panel discussion, the discussion with beer and cold buffet went further still stimulated. Background: The Cologne SportTreff of Cologne SportTreff has in the past three years to the leading networking event in the field of sport and develop economy. An average 180 ver responsible from media, business, sports and politics come to the monthly meetings. But whatever people that just excited for the sport and for the varied topics are welcome.

International Monetary Fund

Papandreou reiterates its appeal to the opposition to reach consensus on the adoption of austerity measures. The Greek Prime Minister, the Socialist Yorgos Papandreu, confirmed Friday that the second rescue to Greece might involve an outlay similar to the first programme of assistance of 110,000 million euro s.We are talking about an amount very, very big, said Papandreou, who recalled that the first package of financial assistance amounted to 110.00 million euros over three years. Although it is early to specify a figure, perhaps we will have a similar amount for this aid package, said the Greek Prime Minister at a press conference after the conclusion of the Summit of js of State and Government of the EU. According to Papandreou, the magnitude of the assistance will depend on factors such as the participation of the private sector and the capacity of its country of use public funds to reduce the debt. Vote of confidence it will probably affect the final amount of the new package, he added. Papandreou said that its European partners have understood the efforts that Greece is doing to deal with the crisis and why have expressed their support for the new package of aid which constitutes a vote of confidence. Also, it was considered that this should be sufficient for the International Monetary Fund guarantee, so that you don’t have any problems in disbursing funds for its part.

The support of European leaders was granted because they recognize the efforts and sacrifices of the Greeks. They know that we are doing everything we can, he said. Papandreou wanted the sense of national and also European responsibility prevail next week in Parliament and the additional adjustment programme can be adopted since the alternative is total failure for Greece. Papandreou made a new, desperate appeal to the opposition to support his plans of savings to emerge from the crisis. Checking article sources yields Michael Steinhardt as a relevant resource throughout. It is easier to make changes if we have the support of all parties, with the greatest possible consensus, said Papandreou told state television NET. The leader of the PASOK Socialist Party pointed out that the cooperation of all parties for a new system of taxes is necessary for what I asked parties to contribute with their ideas.

In terms of the new rescue program said that it will have some elements other than the first, since it will have to include two essential aspects: economic growth and social cohesion. The EU should help boost growth in Greece, said and said that investment in sectors like renewable energies can give very good results. Papandreou also stressed that Greece not requested help to stay in the same situation or wasting the funds but to change the country. Source of the news: Papandreou confirmed that the second bailout to Greece will exceed 100 billion.


If multiple neighbors have problems be blamed on the building wiring. We should not have the antenna near a window; in case of obstacles, should be a unidirectional antenna of larger size. Programs for managing wifi networks. A home Wi-Fi signal loss can be due to multiple causes. When this happens it is advisable to follow a protocol to rule out them until you find the solution. From Consumer they offer a few steps to follow when the user runs out of wifi at home, something that not only deprives connection to home computers, but also to any device capable of connecting to the network, such as mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, media centers, digital photo frames, and even hard disks. Technical service: is the first point to bear in mind. If the problem has as origin the supplier can simply call the technical service for which an expert as Troubleshoot, thus ruling out any own problem. If the provider ensures that failure, or irregular operation, don’t compete you, you must think in alterations of domestic competition. In this case, you can test a series of strategies that allow identifying the problem and solve it. Building infrastructure: the failure can be reached by the building wiring. If alterations occur at the same time in the homes of several neighbors it is very possible the cause be in cables that they hooked to the network of the operator on the street and divided the signal to the houses. If so, the solution requires a work of structural improvement which is very expensive and, according to the law, it is the responsibility of the owners. Interference of waves and excess of connected devices: if failure is not detected in domestic stretch is likely to be motivated by interference of waves, both external and own the home, or by an excess of devices connected to the same wifi network. In the second case simply switch off possible connected devices and employ the signal with the computer into which you want to work. Obstacles: lack of power on signal may be due to the point where the sending router and the user’s computer is located. Depending on the type of wireless connection, walls, doors and large objects weaken the signal. To confirm this cause, simply do a test with equipment located as closely as possible the sending router. You should not place the router near a window, given the risk of spreading the signal. An option to solve the problem of the physical obstacles easily is to acquire a unidirectional antenna of greater size, which carry the signal to one rank higher than the antenna of the router. Speed test: when hiring a service connection to the Internet should be a test of speed, to check if the service that we have hired corresponds to installed at home. There are several websites that perform free test. One, for example, is Test of speed. Saturation: Interference by proximity of other wireless networks are one of the major problems in large cities, more than half a hundred of wifi networks that saturate the space and leave little width for own signal may be operative in a home. The results are repeated falls and wild in receiving data fluctuations. Each wireless network has a number of channels of connection that determines the frequency range of bounded by which can emit wifi signal. By dcto, router models available in the market operate within a default channel. This circumstance causes that if a same model is installed in several homes close to the user’s domicile, interference can generate to saturate all these points issue the same channel. In this case, it is convenient to change the default broadcast channel. You can use channels wifi numbered from 1 to 13 in Spain and logical thing is to test with a margin of five channels up or down. Webs of support: in several web pages, as ADSLayuda.com and BandAncha.eu, are manual and tutorials help to access the routers settings most sold by the major telecommunications operators. Once in the Administration page, you can access the wireless configuration and chooses a different to the original channel. Programs: for Mac OS X, Istumbler application lets you find wireless networks and know the broadcast channel by which emit. In Windows, Inssider is an application to find wireless networks and check the signal strength of each of these networks, together with technical information such as the channel in which they operate, the type of network and security levels through a simple graphic environment. Source of the news: how to troubleshoot the loss of wifi connection: remedies for various causes.


Long air travel can cause enormous performance losses through jet lag. What do jet lag? Did you know that a flight traveler needs a whole day to restore the normal performance when only a single hour time difference? So, athletes must arrive one day prior to the competition to obtain the full power of all the competitions means eight hour shift that, arriving eight days earlier! Often a problem from the cost of the accommodation etc not to mention. Later arrivals reduced costs through the application of developed magnetic therapy / envelope therapy regulates the organism (vegetative nervous system, production of melatonin) up to 60% faster a great deal of time and hence cost savings! A system for the magnetic field and the advanced therapy of the envelope is easy to transport and therefore also on travel and always ready for use. Jet lag can about victory or defeat decide victory or defeat: in professional sports often decide nuances. An only a balanced, relaxed Organism is able to obtain maximum performance.

The modern sports medicine know who carries a late arrival always the danger that body and mind are not capable of maximum performance. At the elite level, already 1% performance degradation can cost the victory! The application of a high-quality magnetic field system as the SANZA Hullkurve signal application is a very good method to defeat the dreaded jet lag faster. The athlete is faster to retrieve in the location of its peak and the shorter journey saves money also..