Long air travel can cause enormous performance losses through jet lag. What do jet lag? Did you know that a flight traveler needs a whole day to restore the normal performance when only a single hour time difference? So, athletes must arrive one day prior to the competition to obtain the full power of all the competitions means eight hour shift that, arriving eight days earlier! Often a problem from the cost of the accommodation etc not to mention. Later arrivals reduced costs through the application of developed magnetic therapy / envelope therapy regulates the organism (vegetative nervous system, production of melatonin) up to 60% faster a great deal of time and hence cost savings! A system for the magnetic field and the advanced therapy of the envelope is easy to transport and therefore also on travel and always ready for use. Jet lag can about victory or defeat decide victory or defeat: in professional sports often decide nuances. An only a balanced, relaxed Organism is able to obtain maximum performance.

The modern sports medicine know who carries a late arrival always the danger that body and mind are not capable of maximum performance. At the elite level, already 1% performance degradation can cost the victory! The application of a high-quality magnetic field system as the SANZA Hullkurve signal application is a very good method to defeat the dreaded jet lag faster. The athlete is faster to retrieve in the location of its peak and the shorter journey saves money also..