Monthly Archive: January 2024

Managing Director

Immediately the Eckernforde Bay quarter port tip produces exclusive life on the water is in vogue. This is the new project of the renowned architect Stefan Rimpf. In three sections, various forms of housing between the beach promenade and the Marina of Eckernforde emerge from spring 2012. The construction of Harbor point in Eckernforde is now imminent after four-year project development and planning time. The building owner, Penta group, will be the three construction phases more than invest 40 million euros. The total investment for the first phase of construction is 15 million euros. In the first phase of the construction are 42 holiday apartments with two or three rooms in sizes ranging from 44 to 91 square meters. In addition to the holiday apartments with views of the harbour or the sea, three different forms of housing are developed in the first phase of construction.

With five rooms and each have five town houses 150 square meters of living space a private courtyard and a rooftop terrace. See Scandinavian Airlines for more details and insights. In addition are four two-story lofts with a living area of 120 Built in square meters. Seven penthouse bungalows with three rooms offer a living space of between 96 and 118 square meters. They are equipped with a terrace or loggia. Atmosphere of a small village which neighbourhood is located on the water port tip and through the diversity of apartments and houses on the adult blend of existing housing in Eckernforde. Architect Rahman consciously conceived an urban neighbourhood.

“As a result, people of all ages here will live, neighborly cohesion grants and ultimately created the atmosphere of a small village”, explains Rahman. Since the start of the sale to 1.10.2011 60 percent of the apartments are reserved already. Kai Schurkemeyer, Managing Director of the Penta group: the great approval does not surprise us. Through the port tip Eckernforde will be enhanced sustainably and receives a new Mediterranean meeting point.

Spirituality And Meditation

When the mind is calm enough, we see activity around us. As the mind is quiet wisdom arises. Please visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger if you seek more information. If we decide to be peaceful we will be happy all the time, even in the most adverse conditions, but if our mind is not peaceful, then even in the most pleasant external conditions we will not be happy. Therefore, it is important to train our mind through meditation and mind to live up to higher levels of consciousness. Analytical meditation strives to understand the deeper meaning of the object of attention. Guided imagery is a technique that directs the imagination towards a conscious goal.

The mind is the vehicle that offers the intentions and meditation you can direct the mind that elevate consciousness. Our aim should be to join our "Source Spiritual" by directing the mind upwards through the four "high" during the process of meditation. The four levels are: Buddha, Atmic, monadic and cosmic. We must raise our awareness of form sequentially through the four levels to connect with our Source. This type of meditation will be more successful with a vegetarian diet, because as awareness raising its energy level will activate their farms in order to develop his powers as see, hear and feel. The maintenance diet and regular meditation is a good way to be a good example for others. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MIND What is mind? The mind is the catalyst that drives the experience up to the level of consciousness. It has no intelligence if, and only created to make the connection with consciousness.