Story Advice Reading

People for whom the book is really something sacred. So in Actually it turns … Only with reservation. Not a book but a literary site. Free to publish his book is almost impossible, but the Internet really publish. But where and how to publish a story, poem, article, story or even a novel? If you ask on the forums, or simply type in the search engines’ modern poetry and prose, “it will take several minutes or even seconds, you will find yourself on any site known to everyone with a free publication. Most likely it will be a hymn or samizdat.

Generally, it is very good sites. In order to understand what you’re worth – the best place to find not. However, there is a caveat. If you understand what you want to try their hand at more serious level, say at the level of literary and art magazines, then some of them (certainly not all) problems can occur. It’s no secret that the “unique content” is a very important thing for any Internet resource. Some journals do not accept works that were published online or printed earlier.

Others say in the literary journal “Words Diaries” is a special column for the unique material (in this case, “Exclusive”) publish that much easier than in the main part of the magazine. By submitting their work in a web project, you have nothing to lose (do not take – it does not matter. Believe me, the editors of every day reading and browsing a lot of products. Remember what each author is actually impossible), but to publish poetry, prose, literature, litprichal, and other elements py you will get to at all times. Also consider whether you want yourself to find yourself website or blog? If this is so, any of your poem, story it.p. better to publish in his first, and then on other sites. For example, in its author’s site I place all his works, and only after the indexed by Yandex and Google publish them elsewhere.