Only the State reach to a little insulting. While lacking "petrodollars" from this "smallness" happily reconciled. But fell on hard times, and the State has demonstrated a turn to the official logistics. Not until a person is more in profile, but the trend is. "There is intense process of legalization of foreign supply chains and the knowledge possessed by the old ones – so called – "experts" in today's outdated, – said Kirill Durnev, ceo of the Unitrade (outsourcing FEA). – A professional who can work quickly and well, while respecting all the subtleties of the Russian Federation legislation, very little. Today a substantial portion of our clients – the companies have experienced the lack of competent professionals in result came to us.

" By the way, the closure of Russia's largest "flea market" gave an impetus not only to our logistics, but also Chinese. Celestial power first made known grave concern over the fate of tens of thousands of citizens trading in the harsh Russian conditions, and then hastened to call upon fellow citizens to respect our laws. And then there was a project to create a network in Russia Chinese trade and logistic centers. Will they work "on-and-white" or simply "Cherkizovsky market will become more – will, as usual, time. Chinese people in general can only envy. According to the study "International trade, rapid logistics and Globalization: an integral part of solving complex problems of the current economic situation, "presented by dhl, we have logistics costs 4 times higher than in China.