Actor Valentin

Valentin was born on August 16, 1988, in nuclear industry – Sosnovy Bor. Since childhood, the future artist was interested in music and the scene. At age 7 he began taking private violin lessons, during which it turns out that the boy absolute pitch and musical memory – something that their peers on more than a month away for Valentin learns a lesson. Begin preparing for serious competition, in which the young violinist was to present the most complicated program, but a triumphant exit did not take place the week before the concert, a small climbing VALENTIN injures his hand, which does not pursue a professional career as a violinist-virtuoso. The school VALENTIN, by the time a candidate for master of sports of rock climbing began to actively engage in athletics and swimming, and in parallel continue to discover the world stage and music, becoming the voice of urban KVN. Kids dream about a scene once again take up, and in the 10th grade artist decides to become a disciple of world-renowned St. Petersburg Conservatory.

VALENTIN used to always achieve their goals, and to enter into Conservatory is written in the music school, where he began to learn the basics of the musical school, along with 7 year old kids. At the same time he gets a job at the town theater, music studio which is for the future artist's favorite place, night after night, he holds the microphone, speaking both as a vocalist, arranger and sound engineer. The result of this work is credited to the class VALENTINE famed Mariinsky Theatre Valery Lebed, and the ability to be called a disciple of the conservatory. In the third year VALENTIN decides to take part in "Popstars" TV channel "Russia", and becoming a finalist understands that this is the language of music he wants to talk. Overpowering him, he decides to leave the walls of the Conservatory, and became a student of 3rd year Theatre Academy, where teaching gifted students favor the well-known producer of musical theater "Rock Opera" by Professor Vladimir Ivanovich Podgorodinsky. Daily hours of rehearsal, class singing, acting, stage speech, plastics, choreography, give good performances. Valentin is the winner of the international vocal competition 'Singing mask, "All-Russian competition" Antre "and" Idols of the XXI century ", received an invitation to take part in "Star Factory" of Channel One, but at that time chooses a career education.

In April 2010, VALENTIN among one of the first record application form the first international competition Young Performers "The Star VKontakte – Europa Plus", presenting a song contest for young composers of the material, and his first professional video shot earlier. Almost 2 months VALENTIN not leave 5 Leaders of the competition, and among 10 – ki finalists selected from 100 participants became a finalist of the project. On the night of 14 on June 15, 2010 Valentin is an absolute winner, gaining 4030 votes Audience, receiving as prize the right to rotate the songs on the radio "Europa Plus", and the contract for promotion. June 19 premiere at the festival VALENTINE "Scarlet Sails", where the young singer lit the many thousands audience for its hits, once again proving that dreams really do come true, in front of the artist concerts, shooting, release their debut album – VALENTIN artist who will not be silent! "I never stop there, I wonder change, grow, surprise and shock, I want to talk with the audience, to be with him, I can not keep silent! "