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Family Models

“Now the” concrete ceiling “also put him some men who want to be fathers and husbands. This issue is strategic, because the best talent is not a question of numbers, but balanced and committed people, and these attributes are usually given between those with a family. But companies are still designed from a mechanistic point of view, as if we were in the nineteenth century, “says Nuria Chinchilla, head of the International Centre Work and Family at IESE school. “I always thought that nothing is exclusive a ” Eva added Levy, who heads the Women’s division on the Boards of Directors of Search Excellent “. And there are several speeds in races of people. (As opposed to Ray Kurzweil). If during the first years want to give more time with your children, you are on your right. The problem is disappearing, because then the ballot is likely to assume responsibilities under your knowledge and experience.

But quitting work by children is a price that should never pay. Then life happens, and 48 years, many companies may consider you an old man and you look lonely. What I ask the migrants how wonderful it is to live without a family crisis. ” And fearful of disappearing, even a season, up to 27% of the directives, the study of Funcas, returns to work before the end of their maternity leave. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. For men and women.

Experts are betting on this model working for the conciliation is not remain a mere declaration of intentions. “Companies that have jumped on the bandwagon of the settlement are the only fashion that fall in times of crisis. Those who have a strategic vision, looking for people” loyal “and give the maximum, continue with the steps taken “says Nuria Chinchilla. Eva Levy, meanwhile, is convinced that the greatest victims of the crisis, the unemployed, would live better now Esi had reconciled before Masu. More time to feed and grow the networking a “Ede great help in times of dificultadua ” more time to develop new skills or hobbies, who knows, can provide employment, and, finally, more time to family are enjoying the great benefits that, according to Levy, the settlement offers. Eva Levy Director of the division women in boards of Excellentsearch

“The Ministry of Equality has been opened at a time of deep crisis and the Law Equality is very complex and cross. Ministry should be a very staffing and budget. So far, it has done what it could. We must have patience. If it had been opened in another moment …”. Nuria Chinchilla Mod.’s International Center of Work and Family at IESE “From my point of view, the role of the Ministry of Equality is useless. It does not help reconciliation. Wanting to formalize in law is a “boomerang” for women “Gloria Juste woman President of the Foundation, family and work” The Ministry for Equal let us down. We miss not involved in the woman’s real problem: the difficulty of reconciling. “.

Human Resources

You will never be absolutely and totally ready or ultimately preparation. In most cases, just started, so build your courage and take the plunge! Commitment. Once you have decided to do, engage in carrying out the task. It’s a good idea to get your feet wet by completing the smaller steps of action related to the task in order to “test the waters” without spending all your effort and energy at a time. In any case, start small and see what works.

Course corrections when necessary, and remain focused and committed to completing the task, to overcome the main challenge or maximizing the opportunity. Conviction. Cultivating a passion and zeal for the task. No doubt or waver in their faith and confidence that you can succeed. Sure, they make mistakes and encounter problems along the way, but must be satisfied and have complete assurance that you can jump over these obstacles to achieve the objective. Every day, you embark on a journey into the unknown and experience what appears to be a life lived in 24 hours. Do not be afraid to get your feet wet. His first efforts may not be perfect, but you have to start somewhere. Use the wisdom gained from his experience to strengthen their character and competence, and prepare for future trips.