Irrigation. The ditches

Birth always leaves us in a life that seems to be that we had. Being a mother, while father to make our man and involves a new member in the family, is a kind of general internal and external shocks. There are so many post-birth as children born in this world, yet each culture is prepared to live in a different way. Try to live our best possible. THE TSO Yueh-tzu, meaning “Making the month,” is the special way in which Chinese mothers living in the present and the past two thousand years, the thirty days that follow childbirth. We must emphasize the great importance of irrigation in the Vega of Benin, through pipes of stone and clay from the same trawls. The most important channels in Benin were the Acequia Real Acequia de la Vega, who had a journey of about five kilometers and whose dam was in the Molino de la Torrecilla, near the town of Darrical with a derivation in its passage through the Quintillan and Parsley Mill. Payment of the watered Luisa, being used as the driving force of the mill.
The Acequia Colon: had their prey in Loro Source and Payment of Colon watered to the point of the joist Cuesta.
La Acequia del Molino del Puente, and the Place of Payment, which had its prey in Las Mojadillas and crossed a low piece gallery. In an accident, he killed the owner of the mill in 1936, July 7. Destiny Child’s lead singer Following his tour of the mill, came to the watering place of the Vega around town, Barranquilla and bottom of the Cebadillas.
The Acequia of Arenales, who had their prey in front of the Captain and Barranco watered plain that is the last way in Benin, all on the left side of river.
La Acequia del Molino Honderos, who was in the Tajos Cejor, a small valley watered downstream.
On the right side was the Acequia del Rincon Interior little tour of the Rincon and the Acequia de Abajo, which watered the same, and the Limon Haza’s up to the Three Stone Mill, and take the Acequia Payment to La Rambla Fuentecilla came to the Virgin.
Finally, the Acequia de la vega Mecila watered it and gave water to the mill Mecila.

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