David de la Fuente (Servetto Fuji) won the Gran Premio Miguel Indurain has been disputed on a circuit around Estella, in Navarre. The XI Gran Premio Miguel Indurain has changed its route this year to look like the most possible to the great classics of northern Europe. 191 kilometers without a single moment of rest, with seven ports rated four passes over the height of Ibarra, who was pronounced to be the judge of the race and more than 3000 meters accumulated with the arrival in the sanctuary of the Puy en Estella . Big Brother was first issued in the Netherlands on September 16, 1999, after being adapted in over 70 countries. Although each version has made its own modifications, the general idea remains the same: a group of “inhabitants”, usually unknown to each other and 12 emerged from a casting, live in a house designed for the occasion in which they are filmed by cameras and recorded by the microphone during 24 hours of the day. The contestants are isolated from the outside world and therefore are prohibited from any contact with external agents (at home no television, radio, Internet, music, books, pencils) excluding psychologists they require, and that receive, always in private, in the confessional. The average duration of the program ranges between 90 and 115 days.
In addition to the coexistence, which is the main shaft and main attraction of the competition, this revolves around 4 principles: a return to basics in their daily routine, the system deletes the weekly tests suggested by Big Brother and the confessional where individual participants express their thoughts, feelings, frustrations and their nominees.
Each week, in a secret ballot process, the contestants give the names of colleagues who want to see outside. Finally, those who derive most punctuation are the nominees. It may be recalled that the latest adaptations of the competition has added to the process factors, such as veto power, immunity or the nomination from the audience or the Big Brother.
After about a week, they announced the decision of the hearing, which has been voting to decide who should be expelled. In that same instant, the selected contestant must leave the house. Then begins an interview at first for the program. The last to remain at home will be the winner of a substantial sum of money, which has varied significantly between the different international versions.
Initially, the house where they had to live during the competition was very basic. Although it gave essentially the beginning of the program (running water, furniture, minimal food rations, etc.). Any kind of luxury was forbidden. This added an element of survival in the competition, thereby increasing the possibility of creating tension in the house. Now, almost all versions have a house fully equipped and fitted with the latest technology, and other luxuries such as sauna, jacuzzi, VIP suite, etc..
As an obligation, the contestants have different tasks to keep the house and face weekly tests suggested by the production team, which speaks to them through the voice, never the image of Big Brother. The tests are designed to test their capacity for teamwork and community spirit. The inhabitants of the house have a weekly budget for food and other necessities which will vary according to above or the evidence.
The program is partnered with the Internet. The daily summaries are necessarily edited, so the contest is broadcast in many countries, without any interruption in the network. This process has been so successful that it has begun to charge for this service. In some countries,the emission was supplemented with online updates via e-mail, WAP or SMS. Cohabitation is also broadcast on many occasions through digital television platforms.
Regardless of the rejection that has created various means, the program has been a commercial success throughout the world. The criticism is basically that the ironic aspect of the work of George Orwell are incorrectly adjusted for the sole purpose of creating great entertainment for the masses. More specifically, the nature of voyeuristica format, where participants voluntarily agree to relinquish their privacy in exchange for an award, has been source of great controversy.
For this reason, scientists with the claim that started the program have been doubted by the academic community systematically, although some anthropologists, sociologists and philosophers have used the success of the competition to study mass culture and pop phenomenon in the new generations.

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