Wools Vegas

Already ' ' simpatizantes' ' , that research according to carried through, approximately represents 59% of the North American population, what it would be approximately one 185 million people, limits its arduous colaborativa work to clicar in ' ' curtir' ' in Facebook, to twitar phrases, to repass e-mails, and in the best ones of the cases, to participate of below-signed and until donating some money. Now, the movement that clama for 99% of the population, of which 59% reveal favorable, not even is represented by o 0,00001% of these 99%, starting to become victims of the proper peripcias and subterfuges of the capitalism, proper target of its critical one. Inexorably, pop adds it the spectacle representative figures of the culture, of the alternating culture, the subordinate culture, the culture countercurrent and even of the one without chain, that next to opportunist politicians and traders, transforms the ideal into an unavoidable circus. The fight for the patent of the name of the movement, t-shirts, caps, flags, programs of television, musics, shows, etc. appears the same of skill that the lights in Wools Vegas to the blow of the 18 hours, involving the movement and its ideal in a strange paradox, something as well as a frozen cake stuffed of illusions, expectations, good will and dreams, that take covering of police abuses, commercial oportunismos and politicians, with delicious retouchings of meditico sensationalism, stop later being beaten by militant assets, inoperative, sympathetical useless, internautas, prepotent computer hackers, policemen, corrupt politicians, artists and other personages (to go) excellent. Of this paradoxical cookie, it does not have as if to escape, and lamentably, as many and until countless times, the nothing will not be arrived more than some type of ' ' acordo' ' that it finishes favoring only 1% it 99% that criticizes the other 1%. Thus, finally, while the whole world not to suffer same pains from childbirth, then its people never will see its son to be born, the fruit of the definitive revolt, arrives of it! The son of the world-wide hope, of which, very probably, the Occupy Wall street will not be mother of this time.