Gemini IPad

With the success of tablets, or better and more specifically of iPad, many people now desire to substitute its notebooks, desktops among others for Tablets, but many are not satisfied with iPad, if you are one of these people, not if she shakes, therefore you will go to know the Gemini now, of the ICD. First the great (I would say enormous and useless) advantage of the Gemini on iPad, is that it wheel Flash! (Palms, the president of the Adobe smiles of joy in some apartment at this moment), and if this is not the sufficient one for you, knows that beyond surpassing iPad in this question, it also it counts on a Tegra 2 of 1GHz, would obtain (it is a hypothesis) to twirl videos in 1080p tranquilamente, has connection 3G that it allows called voice, replaceable battery of 40Wh, reader of card SD, radio FM, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth, conectividade MicroUSB for peripherals USB and PCs, loudspeakers stereo and webcam double (It gave a show in iPad now). Android wheel, that is a recognized system and with support, instead of some interface made to pressas or, worse still, a system desktop as the Windows (This does not arrive to be accurately one vatagem, or for you are). He was livened up, wants one n? , I feel to say to it, but grandinho is only one archetype and full of esterides of iPad, the price is not known or if really the project will leave the paper. It finds accessories and gadgets in the store of Tech computer science Club, beyond several other notice on technology in ours blog of technology.