(PMI, 2009, p.206) During the project it can appear the sprouting of other interested people that will need to be identified so that thus it can be reached by the management of the communications. The interested people of a project include mainly controlling of project, team of management of projects, customer or user, organization executor, members of team of projects, sponsor, influenciadores and PMO. Planning of the Communications To plan is very important in such a way in the personal life as in the professional, a good planning makes with that the manager of projects prevents problems that possibly come to appear in elapsing of the project, with the communication could not be different. According to PMI (2009, p.210), ' ' to plan the communications is the process to determine the necessities of information of the interested people in the project and to define a boarding of comunicao' ' that it consists of planning as an information will be registered, transmitted, who will receive which information, when, of that form, of who, for who etc. The project manager, by means of the planning of the communications, has the possibility to elaborate one better strategy for ' ' a communication, but efficient and efficient with the parts interessadas' '. (PMI, 2009, p.210) ' ' Efficient communication means that the information are supplied in the correct format, the adequate time and with the necessary impact.

Efficient communication means to only supply the information that are necessrias' ' (PMI, 2009, p.210). The communication in this in case that it is not only one communication on its project. The responsible person for the project, that most of the time is the project manager, will have to vender the concept of the project, its ability as manager and the potentiality of the project. Vender a project is not easy task, if it makes necessary that all understand the project as well as the manager or responsible understands so that they do not remain doubts on the objective to be reached.