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North American Outsourcing

Egorov). it outsourcing – an international phenomenon and global. Resources are taken in those markets where it is most cheap and instantly delivered to the markets where the demand is as high as possible. Thanks to modern communication capabilities of this direction was significant development due to the minimization of transaction costs of suppliers in the it services sector had the chance to realize almost 'pure' model of global redistribution of resources (global delivery model). Costs it outsourcing in the world, according to the analytical agency idc, by 2007 should exceed $ 100 billion.

The main consumers of these services will remain the North American companies (44% of global costs). However, Active noticeable increase in the consumption of it outsourcing services in other developed countries. it outsourcing is becoming a standard practice to reduce costs of many leading companies in the world. It is no secret that in our country the cost of labor significantly less than the cost of labor in more developed countries in this field. According to research firm Gartner Group, in its country indices Russia has the background to capture 5-6% of the global market for it outsourcing. In 2007, year, for example, it would mean for the country additional export income of over $ 5 billion, which exceeds our annual income from arms exports (up $ 4.3 billion in 2003). Despite all these advantages, Russia had initially faced with several challenges due to the fact that the situation 90 years not favorable for the development of exports of it services. Despite the large number of suitably qualified professionals it potentially suitable for participation in the international project, saying the lack of entrepreneurial culture, as well as managerial and marketing personnel necessary qualification.

Customer service is also hindered negative image of Russia as an unstable country with high levels of corruption, crime and bureaucracy. To take its rightful place in the international market, Russian companies must learn to correctly position the themselves and the state – to help them in this. Last 3-4 years, young Russian it export industry learns to recognize and show off their competitive advantage. In addition to these external factors of it outsourcing is greater role for the company as a whole. Interaction with foreign colleagues helps to learn from successful companies understand the importance of organizational issues to improve the quality of delivered services, to borrow new technologies. Also significantly increased the level of strategic potential of the company compared to companies operating in the local market, and remains the country's image-leader in high technology. In conclusion It should be noted that it outsourcing is a modern and promising tool for the development of Russian it companies which will help improve efficiency and service quality.

Company Organization

To date, there are also actively developing new methods, whose effectiveness is much higher. The most interesting of them are methods Astropsychology – more precisely, a practical approach to use set of methods of astrology and psychology. These methods are not yet widespread. However, the number of managers using these methods in the recruitment and organization of work is constantly increases. Any organization is, above all, highly organized ordered system. And like any system, it can not be closed and unchanging. It actively cooperates with the outside world, processing incoming information, and at the same time – is actively working on their surroundings, realizing their potential. To expand its influence in the outside world, the system must possess a certain internal charge, which is formed when the system is used: the energy efficiently, while not completely consumed it on their livelihoods.

Biological organism, closed from the outside world and fail to fulfill at least its simple functionality, dies. Organization – is also difficult to arranged the body, having no longer the biological and social nature. The difference is that the structural units of this system, employees firm. It is only logical to assume that the organization as a system can effectively exist and develop only under well-coordinated and complementary work of its constituent elements (people), which provides the principle complementarity, when the system is greater than the sum of its constituent elements. And it depends on the personnel policy chief. This factor is crucial in any crisis situation, ie when entering the system, the organization of information coming from the outside world, can destabilize the functioning of individual structural elements and the whole system.

Sure, you as a leader, would prefer to meet any crisis head on with strong team of professionals dedicated. It is also impossible, and further development of the organization without a large internal capacity and a clear, experience accumulated internal structure. Management consulting is designed to help organizations and leaders, as key element in improving management practices to improve individual and collective performance and efficiency. These external intra processes inevitably have its effect on the domestic enterprise, and then to the external image of the organization. A key factor in the activity enterprise communications. Communication is the capital. Popularity and respectability of the organization – it's money. And who undermines the reputation, he steals the money the organization, and often – at myself! The aim of management consulting – make sure that management was a natural process, creating conditions for harmonious growth of the organization. Much of the responsibility to create such a productive atmosphere rests primarily on the shoulders of manager. He is the key and determining factor in the structuring of internal and external business processes. But before we effectively manage others, managers need to first understand the their capabilities as individuals and learn to govern themselves. Thus, it is obvious – the use of methods Astropsychology is an effective and innovative solution to personnel policies. Using advanced techniques such Astropsychology as many – now withdraw their business to a new level of organization of the labor process. In the future, the correct approach will inevitably make the company extremely competitive and ready to most difficult situations and working at their best.