Random Interval

Use URL spielemoda URL Shortener Service: If you choose to use the URL short you should choose the service and enter the information they request. Default #hash tags for your tweets: for those who are new in twitter, hashtags are labels that are used on Twitter to classify our tweets in a theme and help others find them if they seek information about esa theme. For example, if our tweet is about music, can put you the hasgtag: #Musica at the end. Then, this option lets you put a hashtag your tweet depending on that topic try to your blog. Also here you should take into account the length of the tweet. Minimum interval between tweets: Here you can set the time interval minimum that you want that your items are placed on twitter, for example every 6 hours or every 24 hours, the minimum time is 1 hour. Random Interval: is the interval of time that will be added to the minimum interval of the previous option and is also a minimum of 1 hour. Minimum age of post to be eligible for tweet: this option will allow you to configure the antiquity of the item that you want to be published, it may be from the most recent to the oldest, say from a year ago.

Maximum age of post to be eligible for tweet: this option allows you to choose the old maximum for your article to be published on twitter, if you don’t want to use this option you must only leave it in White, in this case the plugin will take any article of your blog regardless of the seniority of publication. As you can see this plugin gives you a variety of options and a unique potential to bring traffic to your old blog items, while you feed information to your new followers. Do you know any similar to this plugin? share your information in the feedback form. Original author and source of the article