The First

Feminine psychology moves within certain parameters (like the male) if we know how to behave and how to react according to the circumstances and considering our goal clear, regain your girlfriend will be something much easier than you can imagine. So you stay quiet, often the person is is the first that crosses be receptive, so it is usually not a relationship based on compatibility, so it will surely last bit and creates even more pain and loss of confidence in itself, since it will increase in it the idea that the separation has been his fault. If you take advantage of situations like this and act with precision, for example by removing all the attention that you prestabas you, generaras it a need to find explanation to its current situation, and as a consequence will increase their need to get in touch with you, reassessing whether he has done the right thing to go away. While separation has been peaceful, if this is the case, you should not maintain a close relationship with her. It makes no sense that you premies it with your presence if she is leaving. You seem little intuitive but it has to do with human psychology. Have you ever noticed that many people with a strong character has an Entourage of people around trying to drop him well? This is due to all human beings to seek approval, if we do not get it we try to obtain by other means: being nice, with our presence, giving gifts, etc.

The issue is that the result is often the opposite, to be so delivered the other person loses interest, since we are easy to people that are always going to be there tried to please us. On the other hand If we go from certain people, we’ll see how it immediately increases the interest of others towards us. It seems paradoxical, but it is a seated psychological mechanism in the human mind. After a separation, stay away from your former partner and cut off all contact with her. The result will be that after a reasonable time you’ll see it appear on a recurring basis.

Over and over again. Looking for explanations, to know what happens, what are you going to do now, etc. All this is more than possible, just need to know how to approach these step by step techniques to be one of the long list that can say: I have managed to recover to my partner or my girlfriend or wife. I want to retrieve my ex girlfriend already! Original author and source of the article.