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According to the research fleet in Russia (the set of cars, trucks and buses, tractors and special machinery) has about 30 million units. Recently ConocoPhillips sought to clarify these questions. Annual demand for oil filters in Russia is estimated at 34 million. On the Russian market a wide range of oil filter elements and filter-type folding of Russian and foreign production. To date, the most active is market development of foreign cars, not only cars but also trucks, agricultural and construction equipment. In this regard, there is a tendency to increase the demand for oil filters for foreign technology. The palette of the market oil filters rather varied: there are also semi-handicraft products, and counterfeits of famous brands. Producers of oil filters in the world is not so much. All major players are already on the Russian market and occupied niches, however, there are areas of competition: for example, the average price segment.

Restructuring of the fleet of the country making new demands for a range offer AutoFilters. New developments in the field of filtration products for cars led to the emergence of new product lines. This market dynamics, which must sootvetsvovat. Most acute competition in the segment cars. We, as a Russian manufacturer, is certainly not easy to enter the market of supplies for foreign cars. Although if you talk about quality, filters Concern "Citron" or just do not concede, import originals, because are produced on modern equipment, in compliance with all the required technologies in the automotive industry, as well as using quality materials from leading world companies.

MPG-CAP Performance

Official data on MPG-CAP Performance should make clarification on the technology FFI MPG-CAPS , because there are uncertainties associated with other, less credible additives, but with similar advertising claims Firstly, most of the commercially available fuel additives and conditioning materials are conventional detergents that clean the fuel system but do not alter the characteristics of combustion fuel, or, more importantly, have no effect on the combustion chamber itself. It is in these areas and production technology works FFI, demonstrating the difference between our products and all the rest. Hear other arguments on the topic with ConocoPhillips. Because most automobile engines burn fuel are more than 99%, then the claims made about improving combustion alone are largely meaningless. Thus the greatest loss of efficiency motor engine – the loss of heat, which drives a piston. Specialists in combustion believe that the recovery of heat – the most practical way to increase the mileage per unit of fuel consumption in the modern engine.

Our product is the conditioning of the combustion chamber that provides the conditions in the combustion chamber in which a process uses more heat generated by combustion. It works like this: When the fuel tank is added MPG-CAPS , delivers the fuel into the combustion chamber. Ingredients of this material is treated with the metal surface, forming a film that is technically called a thermal oxidation. Carboxylic metal creates an oxide residue on the hot surfaces during combustion. This process can be compared with scorching pans when cooking. In case of overheating leftovers form a layer on the pan, and it oxidized, and it remains the film even after cleaning with a scraper.

Land Rover Repair

Land Rover Repair technical center, "Julian Auto" has a high-tech equipment dealer including diagnostic, which gives us the opportunity to serve cars Land Rover at the highest level. All work performed under guidance of skilled craftsmen who have higher professional education in engineering, operation of vehicles and great experience. At an impressive area of our technical center is located online acceptance of vehicles with 5 lifts, a car repair receipt respond third specialist on a daily basis. Our technical center Julian Auto manufactures the following types of mechanical works: diagnostics, maintenance and repair brake and chassis Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair gear final drives Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repairs transfer cases Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, service and repair manual gearbox Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of Automatic Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of hydraulic valves Automatic Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of hydraulic transformers Auto Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and overhaul of engines (gasoline and diesel) Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of injection systems Land Rover Range Rover replacement components and assemblies Land Rover Range Rover Overhaul engines and components produced by technological maps Range Rover skilled professionals to the extent agreed with the client – from the replacement of individual components and assemblies to repair. Repair Auto made in accordance with the specifications Land Rover.

On request, using original or aftermarket spare parts, quality is tested many times in practice. During all types of work using specialized equipment, appliances and tools to meet all quality plumbing work and to ensure reliable operation of repaired components and assemblies. Work on the overall machining of engine components (cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft) performed at the factory with strict control technology. We provide painting and a local car repair new technologies repaired units can be equipped, as well as original spare parts puny known manufacturers. Warranty on repairs performed, provided the delivery of parts Our local mechanic Julian Location: on the engines – up to 1 year in the run up to 20 km of transmission components for – up to 6 months. in the run up to 10 thousand km on the automatic transmission and manual transmission – up to 6 months. in the run up to 20 km of

Car Tinting

Today's car owners are generally quite savvy in matters relating to technology, installation dubbing films, as Car Tinting in recent years has become a very popular procedure Retrofit vehicles. Therefore, in this paper, we present only the basic principles of installation, dubbing of films, without going into detail describing the process of rendering. Tinted car windows, and not only requires less special equipment, how many highly skilled wizard. Therefore, our company pays close attention to the selection and training of personnel and monitoring the correct implementation of dubbing work. Car tinting glass requires professional hands, so we try to carefully select employees for the post of installers.

The master must have a stable mentality, capable hands and precise eye. Except skill masters is to say about the quality of materials used, which, of course, affects the rezultat installation. Our company uses only premium-series films, dubbing the world's leading manufacturers. The room in which the tinting car must be clean, because during rendering foreign particles must not fall under the film, otherwise they will have to remove, which is quite difficult. For the same reason tinted car tolzhen also be clean, so we strongly advise our customers to wash their cars before toning. In addition, the room should be well lit, as very process of applying tinting laborious, requires high precision, the work of the installer is like jewelry.

Also, the air in the dubbing box should not be too wet. Dubbing the film prepared under each specific glass. Process preparation is to wash the glass spetsrastvorom, then – in the cutting, which is produced with the highest possible precision and accuracy, as there need every millimeter, and a further heat molding film, ie, giving the originally flat film dubbing form of glass on which it is applied, it uses professional Melt (white hair).