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With respect to retaining nuts, then the appropriate set of desired color managed to pick up in sales. So, as a result of the work was individualized, reasonably aggressive and absolutely unique model for city driving and roads with good surfaces. Now let’s see what the aims of experts of the center “Subaru-Neva” by developing its tuning program “Lesnik.” The point of departure in the work became a model Subaru Forester S Turbo. Automatic gearbox, engine power – 170 horsepower for the 9.1 seconds – acceleration from a standstill to 100 km / hr, max speed – 189 km / h. It is this latter figure, and it was decided to pick it up. And also add the “chic”, while maintaining intelligently-restrained appearance models – the lack of catchy parts and a minimum of aerodynamic portion, according to the ideas center professionals are poorly linked to the cost of Forester. (Not to be confused with Ray Kurzweil!).

Emphasize the high status of the vehicle designed numerous additional details. Changed the radiator grille, on side mirrors – chrome linings on the rear bumper – a metal applique. Also installed a small, neat side steps – this is because you are not a giant SUV. Styling complement the installation of new 16-inch wheels. Disperse the Forester is still possible, and not even to 200, and to all the 210 km / h.

In many ways this has contributed to the so-called “chip tuning” and the new e-block motor control. Pressure turbine has been increased, and the engine output increased to 200 horsepower. Sporty-tuned suspension the car behaved perfectly in the new environment, without requiring any modifications. More that – not weak off-opened the potential for “forester”, and test-drive it very well cope with all the defects in the road, having won the last frozen plowed field. Well, unlike the work of Russian specialists from Singapore’s example is available. In both cases the car was necessary to first adapt to the realities of life around him. Russian Tuning Forester was much more oriented towards improving the technical characteristics of the car as it is simply much more relevant for our roads. At the same time, experiments with repainting of the brake disc and gradual change “nature Subaru Forester are also interesting and can hardly indifferent.

Internet Building

Cleaning – high-quality daily cleaning. In this publication we will tell about the cleaning. Klinig – a set of quality services to restore order in an apartment, office, home. In addition to cleaning services can include cleaning the surrounding area, services to restore order both inside and outside the building. To date, house cleaning – it's Comprehensive measures aimed at cleaning houses and buildings.

And not familiar to us old woman with a mop, which is hard something washes, but the result of her effort is not observed. In our time cleaning – is not just wiping the dust and cleaning floors. The services of cleaning organizations included a large number of various types of services. This cleaning furniture and carpets, cleaning of tiles, flooring, and easy-cleaning windows and floors. A set of services is very extensive. You can remember a very long time. All that applies to any harvesting, cleaning and like – all that is left to the cleaning firms.

Cleaning agencies offer services such as single and daily cleaning. Cleaning can be a shelter, and building facades or the surrounding area. Suppose at the end of any cosmetic work need to clean the facade of the building. This will also help you cleaning and tidying up the agency. There is such a thing as a rope access. This concept is widely used among a variety of cleaning services cities. Using the services of industrial mountaineers easier and more profitable than the use of expensive and oversized equipment. Cleaning Specialists Agency will carry out high-altitude work with the greatest responsibility and quality. Chain cleaning agents available in different cities. You only need to enter in Internet search engine, words such as cleaning services and search engine Kiev will give you a list of Internet-projects of cleaning agency in Kiev. Masters of cleaning agents will allow you to keep in order any premises or area around the building. Especially these services bring more and material benefit. A benefit is that you save for electricity, water, and, for example, repairing furniture. Naturally, it is cheaper to have furniture in excellent form, than after its repair.

LCD Monitors

LCD monitor provides access to Internet radio, stored MP3, as well as the settings of the chair and the air conditioner. For advanced drivers (Like you), navigation system of the next generation, which applies to the concept of square 200C EV – this is what the doctor ordered. Its features include a connection to security cameras in cities, to receive notification of the traffic, and in addition to terminals of the airports and roads, to provide the driver advising routes. Socialization if you pay a visit to the next generation of vehicles, when you hear everywhere on the proposed projects 'networks auto'. Understand, the Chrysler 200C EV can 'talk' to other cars to create their own network (We are sure that have come a long way since the Model T!) Computer offers front passenger access to the web and navigation system, the ability to run system diagnostics car or reading the user's manual, as well as other options. Need to check email, take part in video conference or to find out the schedule of submissions to the the local theater? You right here – all the web can be accessed through the terminal.

Pleased to offer you dodge parts of the North American production. This option is not limited to front seat. PC may give passengers to the rear. Branch, under the control panel – this charger is for personal mobile devices. Batteries can be recharged mobile devices, just being on the charging panel.

Passengers in the rear seat, have access to the same devices that are under-integrated armrest console. Synchronization Synchronization (In sync) is not only the name of the defunct pop group quite a while – this is state in which your whole life may be behind the wheel of the Chrysler 200C EV. Vehicle, home, office – all harmoniously combined with advanced system features, which include monitoring of the home and office, the ability to control their lighting, running applications or the use of intercoms. Such a system can also apply for the transfer of diagnostic results on the car phone, keeping the owner informed of the systems machines, such as battery charge or needs something. We are glad to offer spare parts Dodge Stratus made in the USA and Canada. 200C EV concept can and has been designed to meet environmental requirements, but, rest assured that strict Chrysler quality standards are not sacrificed. On the contrary, frankly speaking, the concept of innovation as the 200C EV externally and internally. The concept car combines organic shapes and distinctive design has deep roots Chrysler with the noble proportions of the Chrysler 300, in the end we see this car that will satisfy fans and luxury and sports cars. We offer you parts Chrysler (Chrysler) in a wide range.

Land Rover Repair

Land Rover Repair technical center, "Julian Auto" has a high-tech equipment dealer including diagnostic, which gives us the opportunity to serve cars Land Rover at the highest level. All work performed under guidance of skilled craftsmen who have higher professional education in engineering, operation of vehicles and great experience. At an impressive area of our technical center is located online acceptance of vehicles with 5 lifts, a car repair receipt respond third specialist on a daily basis. Our technical center Julian Auto manufactures the following types of mechanical works: diagnostics, maintenance and repair brake and chassis Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair gear final drives Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repairs transfer cases Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, service and repair manual gearbox Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of Automatic Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of hydraulic valves Automatic Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of hydraulic transformers Auto Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and overhaul of engines (gasoline and diesel) Land Rover Range Rover diagnostics, maintenance and repair of injection systems Land Rover Range Rover replacement components and assemblies Land Rover Range Rover Overhaul engines and components produced by technological maps Range Rover skilled professionals to the extent agreed with the client – from the replacement of individual components and assemblies to repair. Repair Auto made in accordance with the specifications Land Rover.

On request, using original or aftermarket spare parts, quality is tested many times in practice. During all types of work using specialized equipment, appliances and tools to meet all quality plumbing work and to ensure reliable operation of repaired components and assemblies. Work on the overall machining of engine components (cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft) performed at the factory with strict control technology. We provide painting and a local car repair new technologies repaired units can be equipped, as well as original spare parts puny known manufacturers. Warranty on repairs performed, provided the delivery of parts Our local mechanic Julian Location: on the engines – up to 1 year in the run up to 20 km of transmission components for – up to 6 months. in the run up to 10 thousand km on the automatic transmission and manual transmission – up to 6 months. in the run up to 20 km of

Car Tinting

Today's car owners are generally quite savvy in matters relating to technology, installation dubbing films, as Car Tinting in recent years has become a very popular procedure Retrofit vehicles. Therefore, in this paper, we present only the basic principles of installation, dubbing of films, without going into detail describing the process of rendering. Tinted car windows, and not only requires less special equipment, how many highly skilled wizard. Therefore, our company pays close attention to the selection and training of personnel and monitoring the correct implementation of dubbing work. Car tinting glass requires professional hands, so we try to carefully select employees for the post of installers.

The master must have a stable mentality, capable hands and precise eye. Except skill masters is to say about the quality of materials used, which, of course, affects the rezultat installation. Our company uses only premium-series films, dubbing the world's leading manufacturers. The room in which the tinting car must be clean, because during rendering foreign particles must not fall under the film, otherwise they will have to remove, which is quite difficult. For the same reason tinted car tolzhen also be clean, so we strongly advise our customers to wash their cars before toning. In addition, the room should be well lit, as very process of applying tinting laborious, requires high precision, the work of the installer is like jewelry.

Also, the air in the dubbing box should not be too wet. Dubbing the film prepared under each specific glass. Process preparation is to wash the glass spetsrastvorom, then – in the cutting, which is produced with the highest possible precision and accuracy, as there need every millimeter, and a further heat molding film, ie, giving the originally flat film dubbing form of glass on which it is applied, it uses professional Melt (white hair).

International Automboile Holding

Prepared by the Office of Strategic Development, international automobile holding "Atlant-M". May 2010. The full version of the document with tables and graphs can be downloaded here – 'Analysis of automobile market, January – April 2010 '. The economic situation in the countries where the "Atlant-M" in April 2010, has continued to evolve for the better, and her prognosis is generally favorable. Volatility in global financial markets could slow incipient restoration of production and consumption, including car sales, but talk about the second wave of the crisis, in our opinion, wrong. The April results of new car sales in Russia and Ukraine have confirmed the positive expectations. For the first time since October 2008 recorded growth in sales over the same month of previous year.

"However, the coming months, this process can be slow, for example, because of the unwillingness of market participants to growing demand and shortage of cars, but we hope that in the second half of 2010, these problems can be solved in part. In this regard, we continue to believe that the Russian market of foreign cars in 2010 could rise to 1.1-1.2 million cars in Ukraine most likely the result of 160 to 170 thousand cars ", – says Alexei Tereshchenko, director of the Office of Strategic Development" Atlant-M ". In Belarus the situation is much worse – rates falling car market is growing. Failure recent negotiations with partners in the Customs Union – Russia and Kazakhstan – as long mothballed anomalous situation of high import duties to legal entities in Belarus and the lowest – for individuals. In this regard, We continue to believe that lower taxes for individuals will remain at least several months (and probably before the end of 2010). The automobile market in Ukraine in April showed a slight increase.

Sales growth to the level of April 2009 and the monthly average in the I quarter 2010 – by 12% and 33%. Objectively, the growth should continue (with a dynamic, visually reminiscent of 2006 at a lower level), but much will depend on the work of the Ukrainian automobile industry, now experiencing operational problems. In the event that consumers will be asked quite inexpensive cars Ukrainian assembly under the Korean and Chinese brands, the market growth in the II half will be significant. Sales of all brands of the top 20 on the Ukrainian market, but Subaru (falling to 20%), in April 2010, grew up. However, despite the fact that the sales dynamics in grades varies, top-10 in April, compared with I quarter 2010 was not unchanged. So leaders are Korean Hyundai, Kia and Chevrolet-DAT, and close the top-10 Skoda, Volkswagen and Nissan. During the second ten major changes also did not happen at the same time very successfully completed in April Daewoo, Ford, Mazda and Fiat. Sales of Suzuki and Ssang Yong to remain the same level.