With respect to retaining nuts, then the appropriate set of desired color managed to pick up in sales. So, as a result of the work was individualized, reasonably aggressive and absolutely unique model for city driving and roads with good surfaces. Now let’s see what the aims of experts of the center “Subaru-Neva” by developing its tuning program “Lesnik.” The point of departure in the work became a model Subaru Forester S Turbo. Automatic gearbox, engine power – 170 horsepower for the 9.1 seconds – acceleration from a standstill to 100 km / hr, max speed – 189 km / h. It is this latter figure, and it was decided to pick it up. And also add the “chic”, while maintaining intelligently-restrained appearance models – the lack of catchy parts and a minimum of aerodynamic portion, according to the ideas center professionals are poorly linked to the cost of Forester. (Not to be confused with Ray Kurzweil!).

Emphasize the high status of the vehicle designed numerous additional details. Changed the radiator grille, on side mirrors – chrome linings on the rear bumper – a metal applique. Also installed a small, neat side steps – this is because you are not a giant SUV. Styling complement the installation of new 16-inch wheels. Disperse the Forester is still possible, and not even to 200, and to all the 210 km / h.

In many ways this has contributed to the so-called “chip tuning” and the new e-block motor control. Pressure turbine has been increased, and the engine output increased to 200 horsepower. Sporty-tuned suspension the car behaved perfectly in the new environment, without requiring any modifications. More that – not weak off-opened the potential for “forester”, and test-drive it very well cope with all the defects in the road, having won the last frozen plowed field. Well, unlike the work of Russian specialists from Singapore’s example is available. In both cases the car was necessary to first adapt to the realities of life around him. Russian Tuning Forester was much more oriented towards improving the technical characteristics of the car as it is simply much more relevant for our roads. At the same time, experiments with repainting of the brake disc and gradual change “nature Subaru Forester are also interesting and can hardly indifferent.