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Chip Tuning

Buying a car, the new owner is always striving to make it special. Not surprisingly, many people, so many tastes. Many sellers make the tuning of the sale of the car, replace the standard bumper, put spoilers acoustics and other bells and whistles. It costs a lot of money, and the firms earning some money. What Russian does not like to drive fast? For the sake of feeling of the dynamics, the car owner is willing to take different measures. See Nick Willing for more details and insights. But here to order boosted engine is running forged pistons, bored cylinders, replaced exhaust system, and others are solved by few. This is really a lot of money and also accompanied by increased fuel consumption and fewer resources, both the engine and chassis components. That is why our country has received a distribution of chip-tuning. As we know virtually anyone with injection car fuel injection system operates computer. Disappeared from the suction bar handle, and with it a variety of "tricks" winding of very finicky engine. This same computer is called the ecu (electronic control unit). He takes a value from different sensors have engine (engine temperature, air temperature, engine speed, and many others), and calculates and applies the optimum amount of fuel and air into the cylinders. ecu runs in a special program, which is often called firmware. Firmware are standard, factory and tuning. There are many versions of the firmware. Are dynamic, cost-effective to work on gas, etc. The essence is that the owner of the car by replacing the firmware receives very little money what he wants. And there is always the possibility to return everything in place. But before you decide to chip-tuning, should learn what it is. After receiving the dynamic, you are bound to increase spending fuel and engine cost, you get more fastidious car. Need to weigh the pros and cons. Without significance and beauty salon, where you change the firmware. It is safer to go to a proven place where your friends already had experience. Good luck!

Open A Beauty Salon

According to statistics, people who open a business, do not understand the technology and the technical side of this business, are much more likely to succeed than those who are versed in this. Barber, who opens his barber, is less likely to succeed than a man who opens the hair and knows how to cut people. If you open a service center and do not understand anything in the repair of machinery – it was good. You have a much greater chance to build a profitable and growing business than a man who thoroughly understands the device and the car 10 years personally twisted nuts, employment in the service station. What is the standard view of the service car service? If you have a beauty salon, the most common view is that in order to have many customers and earn lots of money, you need to put it on a busy highway, where the rides a lot of cars. William Hughes Mulligan shines more light on the discussion. Most Common types of service stations now – those that deal with repairing anything that rides on 4 wheels. Firstly, if you want to earn lots of money, you need to focus on those customers who are willing to pay. Customers who are willing to pay money for a solution to their problems, drive brand new foreign cars. It is a fact. More precisely, it is not always true, but it is much more likely than that they go to the old broken Soviet kopecks. It so it is important to choose a niche.

CASCO Insurance Results

Last week, insurers are summed up in the first half. The results though were better than projected, but still the market dipped by 17%. More than other crisis-affected casco insurance: significant decline in sales of new cars and nearly a full stop bank lending led to a decrease in sales of policies by a third. In this case, if we talk about amounts, in dollar terms, some insurers talk about reducing the market by nearly 60%. Market sentiment about the immediate future casco insurance is still far from optimistic.

In the fourth quarter has traditionally accounted for up to 60% of the second half due to high consumer activity in this period. But this year, traditional animation can not be expected: in addition to remaining a difficult economic situation, insurers are afraid and political negativity. Waning and customer expectations, experiencing serious about the solvency of companies. Concerning the latter factor, however, the Financial Services Commission is set sufficiently tight. The Commission seems to be obsessed with bringing order to the market, and has already suspended the licenses of 12 companies and 11 canceled. In the market say, that matters to the Commission there are still a number of companies and of the ongoing time analysis of insurers active in the segments of the hull and osago may cost more licenses to some of them. The situation with car insurance as a whole slightly sweetened figures report on mandatory liability insurance for car owners: a significant increase in fines and tough stance traffic police to control the presence of contracts osago led to increased sales by 6%. Experts predict that in the fourth quarter of the dynamics of osago remain positive, regardless of the political situation: "Before the end of the year, car owners who bought cars in 2007, must pass inspection to get the coupons until 2011, and without compulsory motor tpl insurance policy will make it virtually impossible, "- said to provide one of the insurance companies, who requested anonymity.

Installing an Alarm

Installing alarm systems – this is a priority measure of protection car, without which today can not do, perhaps, no one car owner. Choosing a car alarm, you should pay particular attention to its protective features and functionality. Normal entry-level car alarm has a simple design consisting of the central locking, Locking motor, sensor and siren blows. Alarm management carried out by remote control, which allows you to remotely set / remove the vehicle with protection, and lock / unlock the doors. This kind of signaling, many motorists are choosing, as he available, does not require significant financial investment, and thus provides basic security functions.

Car alarm systems with feedback (two-sided) communication – not only to inform the owner of attempted theft (opening) car, but also point to the cause of anxiety. This becomes possible due to its location on the fob black and white or color lcd screen, which displays information about the condition of the car. Trying to opening doors (Hood, trunk), the temperature change compartment, triggering a siren or sensor alarms – all these activities will be transferred to the display, accompanied by different tones, alerts. Data from the car with the lcd display transmitted via radio or via sms messages, which means that you can not worry about the safety of your car, even if you are far away from him. Some models of signaling feedback can also transmit to the display current coordinates car. This function allows to locate the vehicle, which in turn makes it easy to find in case of theft. Installation car alarm means, including, and installation of the system simultaneously (central) locking the car. Central locking system can be controlled remotely by a small transmitter built into the key ignition, and the receiving antenna located in the central control unit. Lock the car doors occurs after pressing a button on the ignition key. If desired, the central locking system can be configured way to simultaneously lock the door came the rise of door glass that will significantly increase the degree of protection vehicle.