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CASCO Insurance Results

Last week, insurers are summed up in the first half. The results though were better than projected, but still the market dipped by 17%. More than other crisis-affected casco insurance: significant decline in sales of new cars and nearly a full stop bank lending led to a decrease in sales of policies by a third. In this case, if we talk about amounts, in dollar terms, some insurers talk about reducing the market by nearly 60%. Market sentiment about the immediate future casco insurance is still far from optimistic.

In the fourth quarter has traditionally accounted for up to 60% of the second half due to high consumer activity in this period. But this year, traditional animation can not be expected: in addition to remaining a difficult economic situation, insurers are afraid and political negativity. Waning and customer expectations, experiencing serious about the solvency of companies. Concerning the latter factor, however, the Financial Services Commission is set sufficiently tight. The Commission seems to be obsessed with bringing order to the market, and has already suspended the licenses of 12 companies and 11 canceled. In the market say, that matters to the Commission there are still a number of companies and of the ongoing time analysis of insurers active in the segments of the hull and osago may cost more licenses to some of them. The situation with car insurance as a whole slightly sweetened figures report on mandatory liability insurance for car owners: a significant increase in fines and tough stance traffic police to control the presence of contracts osago led to increased sales by 6%. Experts predict that in the fourth quarter of the dynamics of osago remain positive, regardless of the political situation: "Before the end of the year, car owners who bought cars in 2007, must pass inspection to get the coupons until 2011, and without compulsory motor tpl insurance policy will make it virtually impossible, "- said to provide one of the insurance companies, who requested anonymity.

Installing an Alarm

Installing alarm systems – this is a priority measure of protection car, without which today can not do, perhaps, no one car owner. Choosing a car alarm, you should pay particular attention to its protective features and functionality. Normal entry-level car alarm has a simple design consisting of the central locking, Locking motor, sensor and siren blows. Alarm management carried out by remote control, which allows you to remotely set / remove the vehicle with protection, and lock / unlock the doors. This kind of signaling, many motorists are choosing, as he available, does not require significant financial investment, and thus provides basic security functions.

Car alarm systems with feedback (two-sided) communication – not only to inform the owner of attempted theft (opening) car, but also point to the cause of anxiety. This becomes possible due to its location on the fob black and white or color lcd screen, which displays information about the condition of the car. Trying to opening doors (Hood, trunk), the temperature change compartment, triggering a siren or sensor alarms – all these activities will be transferred to the display, accompanied by different tones, alerts. Data from the car with the lcd display transmitted via radio or via sms messages, which means that you can not worry about the safety of your car, even if you are far away from him. Some models of signaling feedback can also transmit to the display current coordinates car. This function allows to locate the vehicle, which in turn makes it easy to find in case of theft. Installation car alarm means, including, and installation of the system simultaneously (central) locking the car. Central locking system can be controlled remotely by a small transmitter built into the key ignition, and the receiving antenna located in the central control unit. Lock the car doors occurs after pressing a button on the ignition key. If desired, the central locking system can be configured way to simultaneously lock the door came the rise of door glass that will significantly increase the degree of protection vehicle.

The Car Market Today

At the moment, the development of science and technology affect the majority of areas of society. Indeed, wherever you look around, everywhere felt the impact. All sorts of new items and know-how are invented every day and only soon superseded by new products and inventions and morally obsolete. Every producer of commodities must confront a brutal war of the market and steadily develop, upgrade their capacity and production. This also applies to motorcycle and auto technology. Currently, passenger car market by a large selection of cars of various models and manufacturers. Leader in the production of passenger Car could be called Japan.

That is, manufacturers in Japan such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, , occupy the bulk of this sector and the growth trend is increasing. Among European manufacturers – auto giants Mercedes-Benz, bmw, Opel, Renault, Woltsvagen, Skoda, Peugeot, In our time, they also have a pretty strong niche in the automotive market, ably competing with the Japanese autocompanies. Although the choice of vehicle – a private affair of each person, but still must adhere to some public tips and rules. The automobile market is constantly mutates and adapts to the buyer. On what new items at the present time is worth paying attention to? That has a great demand? By popular today inexpensive passenger cars owned Chevrolet Aveo, the new model Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta, Skoda Superb Combi. Models, such as car Mazda CX-7 should already be attributed to a more expensive car. There will have to fork out.

At the same time, improved and motorcycle sector technology, exclusive cars, sports cars. Speaking of motorcycle technology can recall the snowmobiles, which are spread with the advent of winter, excessive increases. Take a look at Yamaha Nytro M-TX and Polaris Hush Pro-Hide. Among racing Auto update is necessary to isolate the model Porsche 911 Turbo. Develops and avtotyunig. With the invention of new spare parts, production technologies, models, specialists in this field does not cease to amaze the public with the latest developments.

Car Repair

Diagnostic scanners, diagnostic scanners – this is not the device by which one can measure some parameters, or specifications, this work deals with the control unit and the scanner only reads the data from it by using the connection. Optimally the scanner will solve the problems that arise by chance, but at the time of diagnosis did not manifest itself, as well as using a scanner test conducted on the effects of various mechanisms that are switched on and off on command control unit. There are functions such as adjusting the composition of exhaust gases and adaptation of the replaced parts in case of malfunction, performance of which may be imposed only on the scanner. Recently, in connection with the development of science and technology, and expanding the list of functions that can cope diagnostic scanners. Control unit, in this case may exercise the functions and control the device, its electrical circuits. However, it should be noted that problems may arise and in the wiring, and therefore, the whole process of diagnosis can go the wrong way.

Thus we must understand that in the process of diagnosis can not rely only on one device, no matter how sophisticated and reliable, it may seem. Oscilloscopes Oscilloscope is used to measuring the voltage in the circuits, and while working on specific car diagnostician sites that allows you to define the work of the engine management system and, therefore, to identify emerging problems in this area. For implementation of the oscilloscope its diagnostic functions, a number of technical characteristics, knowledge of which will guarantee your successful collaborative work with the device. Such technical characteristics are the characteristics of the inputs, accuracy, service capabilities, synchronization, frequency characteristics. In an oscilloscope, there are several horizontal and vertical scans, which are continuously displayed for a certain period of time, and in this regard, fragments are displayed on the screen at regular intervals and creates a pattern of continuous receipt of signals.

Automotive The main function analyzer automotive gas analyzer, as intuition correctly tells us, is to control the concentration of toxic substances in exhaust gases of a car. But this is not the only function performed by the analyzer. Gas analyzer performs a series of actions to determine the technical condition of the engine and its systems. Diagnosis of engine starts with gas analyzer, which allows to conduct measurements of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, excess air in automobile exhaust. Conformity or nonconformity with these parameters, regulatory requirements and are one of the important characteristics technical condition of the motor vehicle. Engine Repair and ends test gas analyzer for compliance with the values of toxic gases regulatory requirements. Thus, there is no doubt automotive gas analyzer that applies to the basic diagnostic equipment.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan – the first crossover in the world, can be combined only turbocharged tsi 150 hp and 170 hp respectively. Both engines are accompanied by a 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions. Average consumption fuel is 8,4 – 9,9 l / 100 km. Thus, in the production Tiguan embodies the concept of minimization – a motor with a smaller volume with minimum fuel consumption reached maximum capacity. Special attention is given equipment innovations.

In Russia, the Volkswagen Tiguan will be available in two trim levels: Sport & Style and Track & Field. The first focused on sports management and energy. It is like people who want to feel comfortable in urban environments – The narrow streets and parking lots, on arrival in the garage, in a traffic jam. By choosing this version, you get four-wheel drive 4MOTION, alloy 17-inch wheels, sports front seats, steering wheel with leather trim and aluminum decor elegant interior design elements such as stylish door handles, an excellent "set of security – esp, abs, asr. A second complete set – Track & Field is dedicated to off-road enthusiasts. If you have to be quite impassable in place – mode is provided Offroad, the connector electric auxiliary systems. An external version of Track & Field is the front part of the design of which is specifically designed for demanding off-road conditions. Interestingly, the relatively recent appeared on the European market, Tiguan has already won the award "Golden Steering Wheel" – one of the most important in the automotive industry. The demand for crossover has exceeded all expectations – in Europe there were over 30,000 applications for the Volkswagen Tiguan before the release of this model. Very soon, our compatriots will be able to purchase a new convenient and comfortable Volkswagen Tiguan. Note that the car will have to wait very long – thanks to Russian models, delivery times will be significantly shorter, and the price more attractive.

Driving Instructors

Nowadays, given the needs of every citizen, some sort of vehicle is not chic, but a necessity. Because of this, a significant number of people willing to not just be a full-fledged owner truck, and driver and fully cited. Completely full is not particularly important, should be whether a new Nissan, or a little old car. Along with this comes a long line of related dilemmas. The underlying concrete from the existing property rights is definitely the new car owner. It must be said here is on a par with this, it must be said that directly issue a permit, directly that, in general, are needed as a rule only for direct employees of traffic police, not the least in general skills will surely drive the car, not only without specific violations of traffic rules, but at the same time, and without provoking emergencies. Definitely that in fact, and usually result in not merely a loss of any property in the form of dead cars, but also draw directly in a fatal injury. And because this, to reflect not only the purely about getting a driver's license, but also about getting the main practical methods of actually driving his car.

Surely this purpose, the best way out of the situation in general will driving, or rather effective ways without emergency control cars. It is a pity, but, many driving schools that offer a real opportunity at too short notice to take shape on the right to operate a vehicle, not thinking about teaching key option you want as well as all the necessary management styles cars. And because of this, getting the right management of the tc, the rookie driver, was originally to the streets of the city, in fact, becomes particular threat not only to scrap it personally all the people, both the mainly self-specific itself and in addition, and his fellow travelers. Actually in order to, in its way, fully independent the duration, in fact to be overcome, certainly safe to come before the planned destination, directly in this case regardless of the weather as well as the seasons, you will take care of necessary training to fully own the right personal car. With an eye on absolutely everything described, we can guarantee to say that obviously the real way to obtain the necessary skills, regardless of whether a driver rights, will definitely be writing to driving lessons in the proper driving school. Where no special problems, professional masters can teach not only simple rules but offers a real opportunity to purchase skills of how true to himself personally in various situations on the road. In order to save not only your own car, and both the real life of others. In addition, to be noted in general that This training will clearly be in principle superfluous as well as directly to drivers with experience, you can tell because in our real life, nobody can say exactly what for example the next day will not have such a The situation on the road, which itself might not seem in general, even in what you want nightmares. Especially specifically for this, and now the school developed driving skills. As such, in general, no matter who be able to pass a training program that actually allows you to gain knowledge, how true is necessary to conduct yourself on the road in any driving situation. Special visit to the required school driving skills, really fully considered himself a noble driver.