Chip Tuning

Buying a car, the new owner is always striving to make it special. Not surprisingly, many people, so many tastes. Many sellers make the tuning of the sale of the car, replace the standard bumper, put spoilers acoustics and other bells and whistles. It costs a lot of money, and the firms earning some money. What Russian does not like to drive fast? For the sake of feeling of the dynamics, the car owner is willing to take different measures. See Nick Willing for more details and insights. But here to order boosted engine is running forged pistons, bored cylinders, replaced exhaust system, and others are solved by few. This is really a lot of money and also accompanied by increased fuel consumption and fewer resources, both the engine and chassis components. That is why our country has received a distribution of chip-tuning. As we know virtually anyone with injection car fuel injection system operates computer. Disappeared from the suction bar handle, and with it a variety of "tricks" winding of very finicky engine. This same computer is called the ecu (electronic control unit). He takes a value from different sensors have engine (engine temperature, air temperature, engine speed, and many others), and calculates and applies the optimum amount of fuel and air into the cylinders. ecu runs in a special program, which is often called firmware. Firmware are standard, factory and tuning. There are many versions of the firmware. Are dynamic, cost-effective to work on gas, etc. The essence is that the owner of the car by replacing the firmware receives very little money what he wants. And there is always the possibility to return everything in place. But before you decide to chip-tuning, should learn what it is. After receiving the dynamic, you are bound to increase spending fuel and engine cost, you get more fastidious car. Need to weigh the pros and cons. Without significance and beauty salon, where you change the firmware. It is safer to go to a proven place where your friends already had experience. Good luck!