Planet Fitness

To overcome the difficulties arising in many lacking experience or resources. Statistics on small and medium enterprises in developed countries show that over a five year period, more than 85% of independent small businesses (including, fitness clubs) for one reason or another end their existence. You can, of course, a close eye on the statistics and the principle of “anyone but not me.” Such an approach is fraught with loss of initial capital, the accumulation of which took years. If we consider all of the same five year period, but now applied to entrepreneurs, leading business in the franchising projects, the numbers will be quite different: during that time had been closed only 14% of the enterprises working in the franchising system.

Thus, of the eight newly established franchise businesses will cease to exist only one, but the threat of exclusion from the market drops more than five times. This is probably why most of the “newbies” prefers to be a franchisee and to shift a significant portion of risks to the owners of famous brand, whose business has already taken place and confirmed the stability of their own years of successful work. Such a possibility is there for those Russian businessmen who decided to start a business in the industry of a healthy lifestyle. Become a “full length” franchisee (when used and brand, and technology, and advertising opportunities franchise) is not necessary. For example, a well-known network of clubs Planet Fitness as part of its franchise program offers customers a service like consulting.