Master Franchise

So now try to understand what franchising can help you? You can choose one of two ways. First. If you have substantial financial resources, then you can find a suitable franchisee you to conclude a contract with him and become a franchisor. Salman Behbehani oftentimes addresses this issue. Number of invested money directly dependent on the franchisee, some may give you a loan and will have all the necessary assistance. But under these conditions greater annual contributions. Russia now has a lot of franchisees, will give an example of some of them: 'CHURINGA SHOP'. Multi-brand network originally from Australia, is betting on 'enduring values' – clothing and footwear 'natural' style, leather kangaroo, an Australian cotton and merino wool.

For fans of hi-tech is another suggestion – 'Space' Clothing pilots the U.S. Air Force. The minimum area of the store – 30 sq.m. Franchisee is investing $ 30 000-60 000, depending on the size of the room, and the franchisor promises to aid in the equipment room, training, as well as providing advertising support. Lump-sum payment is missing. Royalty – $ 20,000 annually. The promised return on investment 6-12 months.

Fish Cafe 'Sea-Toria' urban democratic Japanese restaurant. To attract wider audience of clients in project combines a sushi bar and main kitchen based on the Mediterranean and Chinese dishes. Cost of franchise-$ 10,000, royalties, $ 4,000 (starting from the third month). Opening a restaurant requires a $ 350 000-450 000 with a minimum restaurant area of 250 sq.m. According to the calculations, you can return the investment in 1-1,5 years. 'Tender Age' network of luxury clothing and footwear for children under 16. Particular attention is paid to accessories. Master Franchise in Russia purchased from American FasTracKids. Lump-sum payment – $ 30 000, no royalties. Investment required to open a shop area of 50 sq.m. on the first line of houses in the city center – $ 150 000-300 000.V this sum includes the procurement of goods: according to calculations the franchisor, the partner should spending for these purposes at least $ 70,000 per season. Staff are trained by the lump-sum payment, on-site expert in the region. The planned payback occurs within two to three years, the term concession agreement, the three years. Second. This path is more interesting. This path involves the creation of its own model of franchising, it is necessary to perform the following items: 1.Model should be fully and continuously meet your pokurateley, salaried employees, suppliers and customers, and even exceed their expectations. 2.Model should be structured so that even people with very low skills have been able to do the work in accordance with it. 3.Model should be fine ordered. 4.Vsya work model must be described in a manual. 5.Model must provide the consumer with a standard quality service. 6. models should be the same color, and logo branded clothing firm. The most important thing to use these items around and constantly, and then success will not be long in coming. Also need to use innovation, calculus and orchestration. What is it? If you decide to make your small business the latter course of this you can learn from the free book on M. Gerber 'Creating an enterprise that would work. "