Architectural Study

Deciding on an activity to study which can very possibly develop into a lifelong proffession can be very difficult. The decision meant the path or the path to be followed in later in life, so it is a very important decision to be taken with patience and with the advice of those who know the areas or fields between schools can be decided by one run. Among the many options available to study and develop a field of knowledge, in this paper, we recommend studying architecture, a profession that will give an artistic touch to creating living spaces for people. This study architecture, is to obtain knowledge of a field of usefulness both intellectual and professional knowledge so imparted to study architecture, is the result of different schools of thoughts that will not only enable students to have basic architecture, but develop critical thinking, allowing those who want to study architecture to develop a taste or artistic trend. In addition to studying architecture in this field of study also addressed themes such as ecology, techniques and development work on group projects, as well as several branches of scientific knowledge. By studying architecture may attend a discipline, which often is taken as a response of people to the need to create spaces and environments of greater satisfaction because they have special conditions of structural conformation. In an initial stage architecture was a science without a theory, it was more like a mode of artistic expression through the construction of living spaces. Thus to make studying architecture was more than an empirical process of implementation techniques without theoretical foundations and evidence was introduced to the study of architecture until then different concepts, which were tied more to the artistic field, allowing be eliminated to some extent the typical employment empirical, but the point of the empirical application as a manifestation of expression is of great importance when studying architecture. In developing the task of studying architecture, he directed the vision of students to be excellent architects who can make use of their capabilities in regard to the solution of problems concerning the transformation of physical spaces that are liveable people, but always with an approach that meets the needs that are looking to supplement with the creation or transformation of spaces, whether they seek to perform certain specific activities that require a change of scenery or taking into account the different socio views and cultural. One point that becomes very important when studying architecture at present is the implementation of technology and based on this discipline to obtain the best results with the architecture, optimizing the proposed creation of new spaces.