The Decision

Phases I propose two phases to adopt a different mindset that will lead us more quickly and with less effort to be or get anything we propose. 1) Screening: In this first phase, we must clearly projecting our goal. What we want to be / get? We must be clear and include details, view our destination point as it would be if we had already achieved it. Many people come not to declare their goals clearly enough, and of course, the point that is not well defined in a map, is difficult (if not impossible) to achieve. It is essential that well define point B, and visualize it in detail.

If we want to achieve an economic goal, let’s set an exact number (20,000 euros), and that way we will have the accurate idea of what we want to achieve. In the next phase, we will work to implement at the present time, as if we had already reached, and therefore live in this guise to be able to approach quickly to achieve our objectives. (2) Discipline: In this phase, we will put emphasis on live from the outset in the B point or destination. It is not fake, it’s view and adopt the mentality of someone who is already at that point, so that no complicated mimic proves us their actions. Let us remember that the way to be happy is not expecting to be so, but taking the decision to live life as if we already are.

In the same way, achieve a higher salary is not to wait patiently to be promoted, but project it (accurately estimate the figure that we believe that it is fair for our current position), and live as if it were total justice giving us. Assume with discipline that we have already reached the destination point implies that a series of psychological mechanisms that enable the achievement of the goal activate. Most people close the step to mimas believing that they don’t deserve certain amount of money or that it is impossible to lose weight, when those limits are no more real than what they themselves believe. If we welcome the mentality of someone who had already reached the goal would be, we facilitate enormously the goal to materialize in record time, in addition to attenuate the fears and tensions of an elusive goal. In case you want to read more about setting targets and productivity, you can read my blog.