Managing Plan

However the project suffered stoppage, come to be reinicializado in 2001 by means of the development of ' ' Program of Support to the Development of New Companies of Technological Base and to the Transference of Tecnologia' ' (Proeta). The beddings of this program find if in works published for the Company. From 2004, in accord with a future vision and in compliance with modifications of the world-wide scene the necessity occurred to increase the growth of the agronegcio, familiar agriculture and bigger exploitation of the Brazilian agricultural space, had appeared new requirements for science, searches, development and technological innovation. Long occurrence period of stagnation, grew in the country the demand for models of economic development with social inclusion. In face of the mentioned ones scene changes proceed-its update of III the Managing Plan. Innovative strategies the most significant lines of direction for technology transfer established in IV the Managing Plan (EMBRAPA, 2004) emphasized the necessity of an innovative strategical vision for the transference of knowledge and technologies. These lines of direction had been placed as landmarks for the technology transfer, implemented for estruturantes, integrativos and sistmicos projects (Gomes $ You are slow, 2005). With priority actions looked for: Establishment of innovative strategies for transference and communication.

Dinamizao of the transference by means of processes of incubation of companies and the viabilizao of new businesses. Support to the development of companies of technological base with sights to the viabilizao of innovative products for the agronegcio. To stimulate and to participate of the formation and professional recycling and to enable internal and external staff in technology transfer. Reinforcement of service of intellectual protection and with sights to the delineation of strategies for commercialization of new technological products. Emphasis in the estruturao of teams, thematic nuclei, social nets and other directed arrangements familiar agriculture. Establishment and dinamizao of nets integrating the not governmental centers of research with state organizations (OEPAS), universities, cooperatives, organizations (ONGs) and public and private institutions of P& D.? Incentive to the estruturao of teams, thematic nuclei, integrativas nets and other institucional arrangements multi- of joint.