You wake up one morning and discover that world, which for years was seen as the background of your life changed … PS Gurevich 1 At all times people tried to understand and explain the society in which he lives. Philosophers, historians, Sociologists have tried to give an adequate answer to the question: "How can a society in which we live?" In answering this question, they considered the causes of the society, described the stages of its development, tried to analyze its structure and most probably relevant, were projections of future company, describing his ideal model. As a result of these attempts have been proposed and developed a number of theoretical models and concepts. In our work, we also try to consider how the sociology meets on the first issue appearing in the title of our essay, which she suggests ways to explain the current social reality.

We also try to answer the question that, in turn, is happening today with the sociology. It is impossible not to recall Plato's society based on justice, or the concept of the state of Aristotle, who allocates three of his "right" forms associated with the exercise of political power, authority 'rule' and the government. The main phenomenon, which has sought to explain the social philosophy of the time, this state. Despite prevailed in It unification of concepts of state and society, to the complete identification of the concept of the most famous philosophers (eg, the same Aristotle) is not reached 2. It seems to us, one way of comprehension of historical society as an object of philosophical reflection was in a kind of splitting society and political structures and in the disclosure on this basis, the causal connections between them, whole and part relationships.