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Mathematical Model

Many of today's specialty in the economic, physical and mathematical and other departments involves the study subjects 'Mathematical Methods of Operations Research'. Extremely important to use of such methods and means for solving the economic zadach.Issledovanie transactions – complex discipline, which has important methodological significance in the training of the modern professional. In this discipline more fully realized the idea of mathematical modeling of economic protsessov.Pri solving a specific task management application of the methods of operations research includes: – construction of economic and Mathematical models for the tasks of decision making in complex situations or conditions of uncertainty – the study of interactions that determine later decisions, the establishment of e performance criteria that allow evaluate the benefit of one or another variant deystviy.Ispolzovanie mathematical modeling in economics can deepen the quantitative economic analysis, to extend the domain of economic information intensify economic raschety.V economic and mathematical models of the object is an economic process. Examples are considered on a site, solved with a specially developed mathematical metodov.Krug problems studied operations research, constantly .Sredi models of operations research highlights model of optimal in conflict situations, study the theory of games. To conflict situations in which faced the interests of parties that pursue different goals, include a number of situations in different areas. In the problems of game theory to develop recommendations for rational behavior to the conflict, to determine their optimal . three main stages of the game theory solution to the problem: 1. Statement of aims and objectives of the study, conduct a qualitative description of the object in the form of economic modeli.2. Formulation mathematical modeliizuchaemogo obekta.3. Analysis of mathematical model, the processing of the results.

Initial Series

To look at the place, to understand what it happens, necessarily demand that the pupil obtains to abstract from this reality of the place, learning to teorizar. This requires that the pupil abstracts and contextualize the phenomena, constructing the picture of referencial ampler than it allows it to advance for one analyzes more criticizes, understanding that the place reflects the world globalizado. On the basis of Saints (1996): ' ' Each place is its way mundo' ' (252); ' ' Each place is, at the same time, object of a global reason and a local reason, coexisting dialeticamente' '. (p.273). These citations send in them to reaffirm the importance not to work with the broken up spaces, that dislocate the agreement possibility of what he is being considered. For Cavalcanti it is basic that: ' ' So that the pupils understand the spaces of its daily life, that if had become extremely complex, is necessary that they learn to look at, at the same time, for ampler and global context, of which all are part, and for the elements that characterize and distinguish its context global' ' (2008: 43) Advancing in this line of argument it can be affirmed that to studying Geography in the Initial Series confides the way to establish the bases of learning of this disciplines. These bases can be identified by the developed abilities to observe, to describe, to analyze and to enunciate a critical spirit regarding the reality where the pupil lives.

Also the abilities of orientation, localization and representation that are functions important in the life of any citizen to place itself in the world where live. CONCLUSION the education of Geography in the school must be pautado by the access of the pupils to the knowledge produced for the humanity so that they can understand the world where they live. To know the information, to obtain to understand it and to contextualizar the phenomena in the set of the globalizado world, understanding place as the reproduction of these processes in determined times and spaces is an objective.

Distance Education State University

And yet, learn English by talking to native speakers. Blogs Blog-a blog of one or more authors, consisting of the entries in reverse chronological order, or in other words it is a site in the form of the journal, sorted by date. The word comes from the English weblog – web log." Blog sites are built on the principle of chronological diary with simple and convenient means of administration, not requiring special knowledge and accessible to all. Wiki (Wiki) – a collection interrelated records. (Ward Cunningham – the creator of technology – called the application environment for rapid interaction of hypertext.) , implemented in the radical model of collective hypertext when You can create and edit any entry submitted to each member of a network community Hot Potatoes Hot Potatoes – universal shell program that allows teachers to their own, without the need for programmers to create interactive training-exercise control in html. The program is widely used around the world to create jobs in different languages in different disciplines. The exercises are created using 5 blocks program (each block can be considered as a separate program): JQuiz – quiz – questions with multiple choice answers (4 types of tasks).

The teacher has the opportunity to lay in the exercise comments to all options responses. JCloze – Filling the gaps. Students can ask for help, then see the first letters of the missing words. Work is also automatic scoring. You can "pass" certain words, and can, for example, every fifth.

JMatch – The mapping (3 types of tasks). JCross – Crossword. JMix – Restoration of the sequence. New information technologies and distance learning in recent years, universities around the world paid attention to possibility of using computer telecommunication technologies for distance learning. Computer telecommunications provide effective feedback, which provides both organization of educational material and communicating with the teacher leading the course. This distance learning and has received in recent years, the name of distance education, in contrast to the familiar distance learning. This problem is particularly acute in Russia, with its vast territory and concentrate research centers in major cities. Currently, the Ministry of Education of Russia is concerned about the creation of a unified educational telecommunications network. The problem of continuing education, professional re-orientation is relevant today than ever before, and its importance will grow over the years, the Internet portal of the School of Distance Education State University was established in the framework of formation of innovative education at Moscow State University named after mv University in 2007.

Municipal Controllers

In the process of creation of Profuncionrio the Ministry of the Education searched next to the College of Education of the University of Brasilia (UnB) partnership to elaborate the conception and the construction of metodolgicos theoretical principles of the project. It established interlocution with the institucional and syndical entities nationwide: Union of the Municipal Controllers of Education (Undime) and the National Advice of Secretaries of Education (Consed), that the secretaries of education had congregated of cities and of the Units of the Federacy and the National Confederation of the workers in Educao (CNTE), with the purpose to construct politics of intervention directed toward the valuation of the employees of the education. It resulted in the proposal of formation articulated in three axles: recognition of new professional identities; it offers of escolarizao, initial formation and continued and estruturao of plans of career and implementation of wage floor In the first year of functioning the State of the Tocantins firmed partnership with some cities and organized mixing groups, that is, servers of the two nets? state municipal theatre and. The State of the Tocantins is composed for 139 cities and possesss 13 Regional Directions of Education which in 2006 all had adhered to the program Profuncionrio. Specifically in the Regional Direction of Education and the City department of Education of Miracema of the Tocantins, in the year of 2006, two groups, one of Environment and Maintenance of Pertaining to school Infrastructure had been implanted one of Pertaining to school Feeding. In the year of 2007, three groups had been implanted, however the municipal net did not participate of the program in that year, for not renewing adhesion. As the Coordination of the Program Profuncionrio, with this implantation starts to create the history of the profession of technician in education and participating of the transformations in the history of the Brazilian education.

However, it had challenging moments in the covered trajectory, mainly for some of the participants to have last much time far from the studies and for the proper difficulty of the process of implantation of the program. However, such challenges had been surpassed. In 2010 the program concluded 3 edition that started in 2009, in this edition the City department of Education came back to make partnership with the State. As much the State how much the City has that to disponibilizar for the cursistas an allowance for expenses to be used in its feeding and has carried. The paid State one allowance for expenses for month for the cursistas that they need if to dislocate for the Central Polar region of Guardianship; the financial aid is in the value of R$ 30,00 (thirty Reals) monthly and those cities that are more distant of the headquarters the Pertaining to school Units must complement this value in accordance with value necessary to supply the expenses with feeding and transport. The continuation of the formation of the professionals of the education (technician-administrative specialists, employees and) is proposal in the final document of the National Conference of Education (CONAE 2011), through the National Politics of Formation and Valuation of the Professionals of the Education in which explicit that it will have to involve all the excessively professional ones that act in the educative process. The consolidation of politics and programs of formation and professionalization directed to /a the professionals of the education, in the field of specific knowledge, must have it is


Protection begins with a report on student thesis work. The report should begin with a study the relevance of the theme, describing the scientific issues and the formulation of goals. Then, in sequence, established by the logic of the study, chapter by chapter appropriate to disclose the basic content of the work, paying particular attention to the most important topics and interesting results, the novelty of the work, critical comparison and evaluation. The final part of the report is based on the text of the conclusion of the thesis. The student must set forth the basic content of the thesis freely, without reading the text.

Protection of the thesis must take the form of a presentation using a multimedia projector, slide projector, or. After completing the report, the SAC asked student questions as directly related to the topic of the thesis, and so close to it relevant. When answering the questions the student has a right to enjoy their work. After the discussion the student is given the final word. In his closing remarks, the student must answer reviewers' comments and the members of SAC. After the final words of a student thesis defense procedure is finished.

To report on the research paper will be limited to 15-20 minutes. The results of the thesis defense determined on the basis of the assessments: – supervisor for quality of work, the degree of compliance with requirements for the diploma work of a specialist – a reviewer for his work as a whole, taking into account the degree of validity conclusions and recommendations of their novelty and practical significance – SAC members for the content of the work, its protection, including the report, responses to reviewers' comments. Results are determined by estimates of protection "excellent", "good" "Satisfactory", "unsatisfactory" Decisions are taken by simple majority vote by open ballot and documented by the minutes the meeting SJC. The final mark is put in the record examiner and the student gradebook, which painted the chairman and all members of the SEC examiner. Appeal the results of state certification tests are not allowed. Students have not passed the state certification or have received state certification to unsatisfactory results, the right to go again no earlier than one year the state certification. Students that have not been certification test for a valid reason (for medical reasons or in other exceptional cases documented), the opportunity to pass final certification within three months after its end, but not later than four months after application, without contributions from the university.

Major Step

Stimulus – a requirement for all undertakings. Where can I get? There are times when the material is badly stored, but if the strength and the will not leave you, need to to repeat and repeat. And as a reward for your hard work will be a great joy, which gives rise to the next steps of learning. In general, "the man is such that without the stimulus does." This incentive is in education positive results have already learned. Any subject or science course is built step by step from easy to difficult, otherwise it is impossible. So, the missing step in the process of learning a great influence on the outcome, knowledge becomes disconnected, loose, full of white pyaten.Neobhodimo fully learn the next step, thus stimulated by yourself, and then be ready for the next achievement. We must remember that the results of your work – it Your score.

Whatever it may be – bad, good, out of the ordinary, and so on – but he is yours, and how he must depend on you. You should begin with the choice of a profession that you like. One of the major options to try themselves in a difficult, but interesting and creative area is the large number of electrical occupations. It is important that they all start with a seemingly complicated science – electronics. Scheduled for the near future multimedia project of studying the basic concepts of electrical engineering and electronics with a predominance of practical exercises based on easy-to-understand lessons.

The Education

Each time more important is an option to learn throughout the life, for the continued formation, the professional acceleration, to conciliate study and work. The characteristics of this model of mass are: Amount, escalabilidade, attendance to many at the same time, national and international abrangncia, interesting product for the majority, dimensionado and accepted good, low price, forts action of captation and marketing. In another article of Moran (2011) it affirms: ' ' While the dumb society and tries challenges more complex, actual superior education and in the distance it continues, in general, organized of previsible, repetitive, bureaucratic form, little attractive The school is previsible, excessively bureaucratic excessively, little stimulant for the good professors and pupils. It is nonsense that the courses almost integrally continue centered in classroom and that the education in the distance still is seen with diffidence, when not active resistance. Many areas of knowledge do not admit nor to argue the long-distance education. The necessary education to focar more, together with the intellectual ability and the preparation for the professional success, the construction of freer people each time, evolved, independent and responsible socialmente.' ' Between the technologies that the human being invented they are some that had affected the education deeply: it says it established in concepts (and not only grunts say or it mere denotativa), the alphabetical writing, the press (first of mobile type), and, without a doubt some, the set of electro-electronic technologies that from the last century had started to affect our life of almost revolutionary form: telegraph, telephone, photograph, cinema, radio, television, video, computer — today all digitalizadas and integrated they in the computer. To teach distance, however, is perfectly possible e, nowadays, the time occurs all — as, for example, when we learn through a book that was written stops in teaching some thing to them, or attend a film, to a television program or to a video that they had been made stops in teaching some thing to them, etc.


You wake up one morning and discover that world, which for years was seen as the background of your life changed … PS Gurevich 1 At all times people tried to understand and explain the society in which he lives. Philosophers, historians, Sociologists have tried to give an adequate answer to the question: "How can a society in which we live?" In answering this question, they considered the causes of the society, described the stages of its development, tried to analyze its structure and most probably relevant, were projections of future company, describing his ideal model. As a result of these attempts have been proposed and developed a number of theoretical models and concepts. In our work, we also try to consider how the sociology meets on the first issue appearing in the title of our essay, which she suggests ways to explain the current social reality.

We also try to answer the question that, in turn, is happening today with the sociology. It is impossible not to recall Plato's society based on justice, or the concept of the state of Aristotle, who allocates three of his "right" forms associated with the exercise of political power, authority 'rule' and the government. The main phenomenon, which has sought to explain the social philosophy of the time, this state. Despite prevailed in It unification of concepts of state and society, to the complete identification of the concept of the most famous philosophers (eg, the same Aristotle) is not reached 2. It seems to us, one way of comprehension of historical society as an object of philosophical reflection was in a kind of splitting society and political structures and in the disclosure on this basis, the causal connections between them, whole and part relationships.

Voronezh Reserve

In Moscow will be 'ER' for animals It is no secret that suffer from not only people but animals. Sometimes, when our pet is ill, I want to as soon as possible to return your pet to a healthy life. In the near future it will become very real – in Moscow will be a 'first aid' for the animals. However, the first time the veterinary services 'emergency' will take advantage of animals belonging to veterans, disabled, large families, other preferential categories of citizens, as well as in cases of non-transportable animals. According to the developed and adopted the project, until 2011 the station to fight animal diseases counties will be fitted with mobile laboratories of veterinary-sanitary examination.

The draft resolution states that six months must be made proposals for a system of training and retraining of specialists at the veterinary offices of state-veterinary service of Moscow, and in three term – proposals for the provision of benefits to pay for veterinary care of animals belonging to the first group of people with disabilities and families raising disabled children under the age of 23 years. The existence of the Voronezh reserve was threatened last week Lipetsk governor Oleg Korolev signed a decree according to which 5000 hectares of land of the Voronezh State Biosphere Reserve status lost protection zone. Recall that in the buffer zone is prohibited construction, hunting, any economic activity. Therefore, the appearance of pits, and later, perhaps, and homes, workers in the Voronezh Reserve compared with a natural disaster.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Only

International Baccalaureate (IB) in England, usa, Canada, Australia and Singapore: university preparation for the British and Foreign students, along with A-level (15 years). program, its end may come not only a British university, and in most universities around the world. Training lasts for 2 years. Educational Program International Bachelor Degree (International Baccalaureate) was founded in Switzerland in the late 60's as a universal school program with a common curriculum that would allow schools in one country to consider education received in another country, the national equivalent. International Baccalaureate diploma holder can come in almost any university in any country without entrance examinations. Today, the International Baccalaureate program you can learn in 1020 schools in 100 countries. Fastest growing number of schools in the U.S As a rule, in all countries of schools, practitioners trained in this model are chisloluchshih.Eto, in essence, means that the level of secondary education provided by International Baccalaureate schools above the national standard. To obtain the diploma International Baccalaureate program for you: pass exams in all six subjects (three subjects at advanced level and three subjects at standard level) to write "a detailed essay (Extended Essay) write two papers on the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) to work out at least 150 hours on the program Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) to complete all projects and mini-projects, however, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Only those who have the exams in the amount collected is not menshe24 scores (exams – 6, the highest score – 7, the lowest – 1, 3 more points you can get for the thesis and participate in the competition CAS). Cope with this task is not all: for the world statistics, around 30% Students who have completed the course, remain without a diploma. To enroll in the most prestigious universities in the world, we must have the diploma no less than 35-36 points. International Baccalaureate Diploma is highly valued because of their objectivity, as In addition to internal evaluation, which exposes the school teacher, the student receives and external evaluation, which advances to the foreign examiners Uniform Examination Centre in the United Kingdom (Cardiff). program A-LEVEL: Classical the option of the university, both for angliyskihshkolnikov, and foreigners (15 years). Set of 2 times a year (fall and winter), duration – 2 years (there are accelerated programs from 1 to 1.5 years). Program A-Level (Advanced Level – Advanced Level) was specifically designed to prepare students in British universities. Gradually the program has received international recognition and is now a generally accepted qualification for entry, not only in British universities, but also in higher education institutions vsemumiru. In the presence of high marks received at the time A-Levels, students may be enrolled in any faculty of any of the prestigious British university, including, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College, London and the London School of Economics.Na program A-Level students can be enrolled from the age of 16 having completed secondary education and English proficiency should be no lower than ielts 5.0 / toefl 500 (or equivalent). Students wishing to improve their language can take an extra course of study angliyskogo.Pered how to start their studies at A-Level, the student must decide what he wants to study at university and select items on which to take exams. To obtain A-Level certificate of rent for three to five exams. program of preparation for england Masters: For foreigners who have a university education and want to continue their studies in England in the magistracy, including at mba program (20 years). Classes start – 3-4 times per year, duration: 1 semester to 1 year.