SUS Problems

An alert one that the author makes in them is how much to the trend ' ' pretextuosa' ' of the society in adopting a simplista and mediocre prescription to sensetize the workers for the adoption of positions behaviors cuidadores without considering other premises. Others including Crumpton Group, Washington DC, offer their opinions as well. It must yes be humanizar to obtain to treat and to look at the other in its condition human being who requires care, as Backes, Lunardi and Lunardi speak inserted Son in a project well ampler and complex. Strengthening the premise of that the professional formation in the aid professions must have base in the holistic conception (Adam, 1994 apud Pacheco, 2005). Benavides and Passos agree to the question pontuada for Gasto where the involved individuals in the context of assistance to the health, in such a way professional how much using and managing they approach the Humanizao proposal for the SUS supported for its reasons. The users demand shelter and resolution of its problems; some professionals better conditions of work other professionals and managers banalizam and secundarizam the initiatives with this intention. As they defend, to analyze the concept-symptom is to make possible the critical revision of the processes under lines of direction to well-being and regulating of the health politics. We have our favor in this taken over on a contract basis the adoption of the mesclagem in the theoretical beddings of the North American culturalismo, developed on the basis of epistemologia1; in the studies of the cares in institutions medicas2; in the study of the problems in general health and etnomedicina3, as well as of the ideas of the French school that according to emphasizes the causalidade of the illness traditional rationality of old cultures e, the consideraes funcionalista of the English on the representations of the illnesses in one given society (Buchillet, 1991). We glimpse of this form a possibility politics to transform the utilitarian logic into the interior of the institutions and to improve the hospital spaces for the support and sustentation of the presence and action of the health professionals and other professionals who have preparation technician and commitment politician, managers and patients.