New Soure

With problems politicians it left the coordination and it started to give lessons again, and started to help its husband in it I deal place that they had. Between 1984 and 1985 the city of Foot of Mountain range if emancipates and its father if it becomes mayor it invites and it to be education secretariat, and at the same time, coordinator of the city for the state, in 1986 had election for governor, and who earns is the opposition of its father, and the same one from fear to be harmed in 1987 return for city of New Soure where it taught in State school D. Peter I. In 1992 assumed the secretariat of education of New Soure-BA, but he continues in school D. Peter I where it was until its retirement in 1998. In 1998 he carried through its great dream, establishes a particular school to take care of its yearnings and of its colleagues teachers for not having a quality school its children to study, the same one had its projects, its philosophy and had will to place them in practical, of beginning with infantile education, later until base I, in accordance with the necessities came the bedding II and until today average education where the best particular school for the neighboring cities is considered. The same one believed a problematizadora education. Which if characterizes for the scienter. It affirms and it bases that to educate it is to acquire knowledge, while capacity to admire, to objectify, to demystify and to criticize the involving reality of the world in which the man when uncovering itself its constructor uncovers itself subject of the culture and as such is affirmed as subject it exempts against any regimen of domination that it aims at to the massificao, in a fight for the transformation and conquest and efetivao of its freedom reached for the prxis.