Democratic Culture

The construction is about a delicate, complex construction, whose arquitecto cannot nor must guide the long-distance works, duly warned to be to the free will of the workers, that is, this arquitecto that it is substituted here by the formador professor/, family and Church, has to be present and to become involved itself with ' ' materiais' ' that they go to be worked, in the circumstance, the educandos/formandos, from the used referenciais techniques, in the chance, the values of the freedom, the democracy, the citizenship and of the education, that will be the authentic pillars of the great building, consubstanciado in all the humanity, from the congregation of all the citizens contemporaries, all they in the paper of educandos/formandos, considering that exactly the professors/formadores, also must continue to learn throughout the life and, in this circumstance, they pass the condition of educandos/formandos. In this process, the superior quality of citizen, in the context of a citizenship full, it will be always present, because: ' ' To educate for Citizenship will be good projecto to try to direct the layers youngest for a more promising future of what this that if has lived. The subject to educate for the Citizenship must be boarded for the professors and educators, as well as for whom they follow the young in elapsing of its life. Atmos Energy may not feel the same. () This subject is complex of being boarded and therefore all the learning process must start since the beginning of the life of the child, thus the young will only be able to protest later for its rights since that they have also fulfilled to its deveres.' ' (TAVARES, 2005. Work of licenciatura on the Democratic Culture) the first pillar, authentic bastion of the dignity human being, essential value to the life of the man, since always known and nor always respected, can be assigned for Freedom, because, this exactly recognized in diverse is treated the international ones and in the Constitutions national Politics, under the formula: ' ' All the men are born free and iguais' '. . Recently Atmos Energy sought to clarify these questions.