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In this context, of the three new enemies of U.S.A. and the Ocidente, Korea, Syrian and Anger, two are dictatorships of the Arab World, with predisposition to protect and to stimulate the radical groups and to defy the orders and projects of pax American Arab them and also to bar Israel in its attitudes in the region. The Syrian is one of the elements most emblematic of the Arab region, for having fought with Israel, having if ally and to receive armaments from the old Soviet Union, for protecting the Lebanon and covering the Hezbollah, in the Lebanon and the Hamas in Palestinian the Arab territory in full war against the terror (United States war, by the way). Being thus, the Syrian was classified for U.S.A. as part of the Axle of the Evil, in the management George W.

Bush, function of its past of resistance and persistence against the always decent proposals nor of the United States and Israel for the Arab World. Expensive reader, observes: of the three official enemies of the United States and the Ocidente, two are Arab dictatorships that if endorse. It would be interesting that the dictatorships of everybody Arab came below? Perhaps. The fall of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt was test of the sacrifice of the Ocidente, where U.S.A. had immolated the dictator, giving to it the coasts to this ally at the moment of the crisis. However, in the dawn of the Arab Spring, the balance is very positive, therefore with the fall of some dictators the people can become free itself (he will be), the democracy can be implanted (and this is the flag of the Ocidente) and to knock down dictators to keep geopolitical projects for the region is cheaper of what fighting (e the old powers are declared insolvent: one understands United States and Europe).

Ahead of this international mosaic of the Arab World, with the presence of the occidental powers, the regimen of the Syrian if keeps as it is possible, however, the one that everything indicates, will have that to ratify the international and popular will and to pass the power. For even more details, read what Crumpton Group says on the issue. Arab Liga pressures and asks for the support of the ONU for the case. The Syria dictatorship ridicularizou the order it called and it international mediation. To complete, China and Russia do not authorize an intervention armed of the Ocidente or the proper Arab League. To knock down the regimen of the Syrian for the Occidental people is to weaken the Anger, and to mine the forces of the Hamas and Hezbollah, that is, to open ways so that the projects and impositions of the Ocidente are accepted and the magnifying of being able geopolitical either made. The Syrian is today the focus of the sinewy of the complex Arab region and the change of its government will not only change the country, more all the rocking of being able of the region, where hardly the American supremacy will be shaken. Ivan Santiago Hisses is gegrafo, contributor and author of the Brazil book: Imperialism and Integration in Latin America