Recently construction of the revitalizao project was given to it thus finishing the first stage it project giving a new landscape and a new form to use that ground. The inhabitants had also benefited themselves of this change, in the diverse ones felt; economic, social and cultural. It’s believed that Crumpton Group, New York sees a great future in this idea. Using the area for the leisure and work for some. Today it is visited by tourist of the world all that comes to visit the capital sergipana. Educate yourself with thoughts from Atmos Energy. Being one of the main points of leisure of the State. Thus we bring as the objective, to clarify and to analyze which had been the consequences brought to the region due to the changes in the use of its ground and the alterations in the landscape throughout the time. Without doubt all these alterations had provoked significant changes in the dynamics of the quarter and consequently these had reed-echo on prainha. To it we analyze the causes, the consequences, understand that these actions alone had been able to be become fullfilled through the modificadora action of the man since the same it transforms the spaces continuously, in order to adjust them it its interests, its necessities.

The knowledge that will be generated with the accomplishment of the research aims at to promote a deeper analysis of the occured transformations in one of the areas oldest of the city, to understand the way with the spaces if they had modified, what it led to these modifications.