The Pedagogical Mission

Although in the superior course the concern has been the dissemination of the knowledge, if it makes necessary and urgent, the search of the rescue of an education to citizenship, what it does not have to be only function of the family and the church, more yes of an education directed toward ressignificao of the rights of the dignity human being, and that it must contribute for the human growth. The education to the citizenship must be based on the respect the free choice and with responsibility. Today, the population is each informed day more, and demands to each moment more knowledge, becoming it each more demanding and critical time. With the information and technology it is not only enough to know, she is necessary to place in practical, from there has the three levels of the educative dimension: to know, know-to make and know-to be. The Pedagogical Mission The pedagogical mission while education and research, must be based on the ethics, with the function to prepare the students for the work market, through a process of learning come back toward the citizenship. Especially superior education, has the mission to prepare well informed citizens, motivated, capable to think, critically capable to analyze its half one, searching solutions for its problems of ethical and responsible form. The modern society demands a continuous education. The information, the knowledge is mutant.

If it does not admit plus a conteudista education, that transmits a culture acquired, ready finished. The professor must teach to learn searching, working the abilities of the pupil, provoking, interacting, arguing, criticizing, analyzing, stimulating alundo to develop its potentiality and understanding of the world, to contribute for the professional formation that has capacity to identify the problems and to solve them. The market of work to each day, requires new abilities and abilities, making with that the people have that to remain itself in constant formation, in knowledge and concepts. It is function of the academic community to search new ways in the area of knowing, that if they materialize in pedagogical projects to offer the democratic society, new areas of knowledge that contribute for the development of the society. Official site: Atmos Energy. Consideraes Final She is necessary to acquire knowledge itself that the question of an education of quality passes for the pedagogical bias and that the education exceeds the classroom. The education is structural part and can contribute for the change and social growth. Reencanto of the education appears in the process of production of experiences in the construction of the learning, in the promotion of experiences of the process of formatting of the knowledge. The true professor is that one that obtains to break the resistncias and to make the alunado one to learn with pleasure without sufferings.