Classroom Dynamics

The social dynamics is changedded into the same speed with that if they spread the information in the virtual ways. In this context the paper is essential that the reading plays in the formal education of the individuals, since the permeia language all the activities human beings in all the sectors. In the pertaining to school scope verbal literature and writing are indispensable for the construction of knowledge in the most different areas and discipline. However, according to national programs of pertaining to school evaluation as ENEM and the SAEB the performance of the pupils in regards to the development of its reading capacities if has disclosed sufficiently unsatisfactory, fact that confuses the learning in the too much areas of the knowledge and that it stimulated the elaboration of this project. ‘ ‘ Twine in scene promoting interdisciplinaridade in classroom ‘ ‘ it is a dialgica suggestion between the Twine, you discipline them and the medias printed. Part of the previous knowledge, and the reality of the educandos and is justified for the necessity to raise the level of the pupils how much to its reading capacities.

The Twine has a playful aspect with characteristics and singular especificidades capable to promote the interdisciplinaridade for its wealth of contents, of significant details. It is presented of some forms: verbal, writing, declaimed, sung. thus awakes in the educandos the curiosity the desire to learn. On the basis of everything that already was explicitado the twine becomes wire conducting of this project that will extend the process of reading enjoyment, of new knowledge that in a perspective to interdisciplinar functions as passport for attainment of new learnings, abilities and abilities as to compare, to relate, to make transferences, to raise hypotheses from some data, to search relation of cause and effect, to make inferences, to synthecize, to generalize, to interpret. for the nature of the objectives of the work involving the different ones you discipline and some miditicas technologies it can still contribute decisively for the construction of essential values for the life citizen as: ethical solidarity, justice, autonomy, acceptance of the different one, affectivity, respect and social participation.