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Scandinavian Table

While nobody would deny that this is good for health. But do not think anyone would argue that even the most difficult time of the day pool table in any restaurant, cafe and at least once beckoned to his resounding collisions of small balls. Immediately suddenly wakes passion: I want to take the cue and sent the ball into a pocket, in spite of fatigue and a bad day. Mood quietly improving, remain behind everyday worries … and who argue that the party in the pool – a great holiday! Why then do we so often try to get children to relax as they are not quite what like it? If it is interesting to us, the adults, so mean, passion for the game will certainly wake up and have a child. But here's the problems: a child of five – six years is simply not enough growth to play a high-billiard table, but the main thing – a little who have the opportunity to put a table at home. First, there are pool tables fabulously expensive, and, secondly, in a modern apartment in Moscow room for such a table just do not find it.

Today in Russia there was a great alternative to all known types of billiards – Scandinavian billiards. Even young children can easily practice your game, because the height of the table for a game of billiards Scandinavian only 75 cm, to the same child can pick up a light cue and easy bit. Dynamic game will thrill not only in adults, but a child, because the probability of hitting a pawn in the pocket is much higher than in other types of billiards. The reason is that pockets of target table for the game in the Scandinavian pool is much larger than the diameter a little pawn in this way, and more chance to hit, which, incidentally, give the child self-confidence and interest in the game. Scandinavian pool – not just a way interest of the child, to distract from the computer or TV at home, but a great opportunity for parents to develop a child's accuracy and logical thinking: thinking up a strategy game, you have to think several steps forward. Another important quality Scandinavian billiards – the price table for the game.

It is at times cheaper than a standard pool table. And another advantage of the Scandinavian pool – compact table for the game. You can even put it in a small Moscow apartment, the size of table-top – just one meter on. Compact size and price – the inherent advantages of the Scandinavian billiards. But there is one main advantage: the game – wonderful occasion for socializing. In addition, the game – not just the ability to interest and inspire a child, but also a great way to learn it better, because the game shows the character and ability of the child, and possibly hidden in the ordinary life of his character. But probably most important, the most valuable quality is that the game – a wonderful occasion for dialogue, which often do not have enough parents and kids!

Choosing Childrens Furniture

What color and what materials should be children's furniture? As the color of furniture affect the mental development of children? What design can suppress his creativity? As far as the furniture must be stable, firm, streamlined, dear, at last? For answers to these questions, we collected the 'expert advice' from the three mothers of different ages of children. Which allowed us a new and unusual angles to consider the problem of choosing children's furniture. What, in your opinion, the most important to consider when choosing baby furniture? Maxim – journalist Sasha – a potential buyer, mother, son, three years, I would have paid attention to quality and safety: the furniture should be no sharp corners. I personally do not accept bunk beds: I do not consider it safe. No matter how much technology has been developed or still is the height, the child may be injured. Texture coating is important because the baby is touched, should probuetMebel be pleasing to the eye, should approach the Child ku in size and height, so that he was comfortable, it's – his world.

Oksana – family psychologist: Previously there were no special children's room, just stood out a corner, where they hung a cradle. And now in the culture appeared furniture that is specially made for children. Indeed, it is important to remember safety: clean glass, sharp angles. Well, when the furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials that the child was breathing pure vozduhom.Ya have insisted that the baby was smaller rugs, there was no such tissues, which can cause allergies – it satisfies a basic need for security. It seems to me that furniture should be mainly light, it should be able to share the space sector: a place to sleep, a place to practice and play space. These important aspects of the child should not be mixed. Irina – Director General of OOO 'Rusinter' manufacturer of baby furniture: Can I, as a manufacturer, to establish the demand, which we actually observe and actively exploring.

Children’s Activities In The Suburbs

"What is this wonderful thing – vacation!" With these famous words of a lion Boniface accept any student. After all, vacation – it's plenty of spare time, which can be done as it pleases: to spend time with friends, play games and engage in favorite hobbies. However, not all children get to really relax and gain strength. Most mental load in modern schools and a sedentary lifestyle, to unfortunately become quite common. This holiday animated series replaces the child and computer games that have a negative effect on his physical and psychological health. As a result, the child quite an early age face problems such as fatigue, weakness and lack of sleep. That is why the child during the holidays just need to completely relax and spend as much as possible time outdoors, play sports and get positive emotions.

Not every student who lives in the modern metropolis, the city can go and spend time outdoors, breathing fresh air, eating natural products and playing outdoor games. And not all parents have time and opportunity to take their children to the seaside resort. If you believe the doctors, the minimum stay at sea – three weeks. It is so much the time required by the body to adapt to the climate and energy boost. Otherwise, the time spent at sea, will be spent in the shuffle. Of course, few parents can afford such long vacation with the kids. Another alternative – a children's camp on the beach or the mountains.