Erich Schmidt

Google has announced that he leaves the project of Google Wave, that tool was trying to agglutinate messaging service features, microblogging and even email. Google Wave will be not removed for now, but more features will still not developing or will try to improve the service. (network topologies) The press release from Google is clear and they affirm that Wave has not been adopted by the number of users that we hoped for. The majority of users chose it as the year 2009 bluff just a few months ago, and the truth is that the potential which is presupposed was never reached. (types of topology) This does not mean that the project of Google Wave has been a waste of time, because some technologies that were developed for him will be used in other products in the future. Update: Erich Schmidt, CEO of Google said the following about the closing of Google Wave: what happened is that we liked the UI and we liked a lot of new features, but was not too much follow-up from users.

(Types of network topologies) What we will do is take these technologies and apply them to others that have not yet been announced. We basically take the benefits of Google Wave but not as a different product. It is an intelligent product and we love what you can do. We tried things and also celebrate our mistakes. Original author and source of the article