Nagasaki Tradition

Nor destruction, neither constant aftershocks, kilometric tails, neither shortages nor threat hanging over their heads, have been able to achieve that they lose their outer stillness, his sense of honor, his deep education or his legendary courtesy. The Japanese never give you an answer that is not impregnated with an exquisite consideration. The ferocity of nature has been such that to overcome this crisis, Japanese people should resort to the same courage and spirit of self-sacrifice that rebuilt the country after being defeated in World War II. Despite cruel adversity, Japanese is manifested not frustrated or invaded by indignation. Sensibly considered what happened as inescapable and shows suffered and resistant before the tribulation. The misfortune not makes you lose your moods, tested it only. Harakiri, Kamikaze, Samurai, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Sendai, are words that summarize almost three thousand years of history, tradition, a way of conceiving the existence.

Japan knows very well what is suffering, sacrifice and resurgence. Japan, historically imperialistic, blown subtlety with pain, calm with belligerence, placidity with sacrifice and legendary tradition with growth. After the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the imperialist and belligerent, nation sowed peace and harvested development, turned its back on fanaticism to embrace the training agenda, abandoned weapons to lead the technology, supplied the lack of space for dialogue and the concurrency with the world. His formidable technological, economic and social development was rooted on a tradition of submission, pain, sacrifice and social organization. Their own geographical situation is karma that marks their fatal destiny and that from time to time, is present with extreme cruelty. But, despite the destruction suffered in this fateful hour, Japanese, once again has shown stoically his civility. A civility transmitted from generation to generation and molded in the crucible of the fortitude of the unshakeable vocation of resistance, of order, respect and, above all, loyalty and love of their country.