National Gallery

Some of the typical edimburgueses neighborhoods can be observed along the Royal Mile. Full of shops and restaurants is a good area to eat typical food affordably as the fish and chips. In the middle of the promenade by the Royal Mile lies the Cathedral of St Giles, of free admission, it has a beautiful stained glass and a beautiful chapel. In addition, it is part of the history of the country for being where John Knox undertook the Scottish reform becoming the first Protestant pastor of the Cathedral. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is located precisely at the end of the Royal Mile. Residence in Scotland of the British Royal family concentrated in its interior a large number of rooms, secret passageways and basements, which can be visited when not occupied by any member of the Royal family.

Also in the Old Town can stroll through numerous alleys and Miss while visiting shops, restaurants and houses that are hidden in these peculiar districts within the historical center. But without a doubt, to perform a true immersion in the old town and its mysteries is worth walk one of the many passageways that run through the edimburgues subsoil. And is that you can visit some of the passages that lived centuries ago people reportedly manifested in the form of ghosts once you are inside the dark passageways, and is highly recommended for the bravest. Those who are not it can come to the port of Leith where the ship Britannia is docked. This has been used by the British Royal family for 44 years for their journeys by sea and now you can visit the rooms of its interior and imagine how life was in the sea of royalty. Moreover, the New Town is a clear example of European neo-classical urbanism and he shows the influence of the Georgian architecture. To know it it is necessary to walk through the three main streets, which are the parallel Princess Street, George Street and Queen Street, which concentrate the major part of the social and economic life of the city.

You can also visit the National Gallery of Scotland, which has more than 30,000 works ranging from the beginning of the Renaissance to the 19th century. Another of his best-known museums is the National Museum of Scotland, formerly known as Royal Museum, brings together a large collection of archaeology, Sciences natural, technology and art. And there is no better way to conclude a trip to the Athens of the North, close to Calton Hill to admire from the heights all the beauty that is home to a city with two personalities. By: Andrea Sanz original Autor and source of the article.