President Alfonsin

appropriate technology; in other words, was the vindication of what we knew as the home to countries such as ours, the night of the crisis came in mid-1982 when passions are aquieten; is recognised that the message of Park North of President Alfonsin in the summer of 1986; certified the entrance to heart of what is known as a post-industrial society. The lifestyle of industrial society was losing the culture of the home: it only curiously subsisted in some marginal rural areas. The times suggest the relearning of appropriate technologies. More as the transmission from generation to generation was lost, urgent need to spread the culture of the home through the educational system recently we learned via the reform of experiences as the course for teachers of agricultural techniques that took place in Ojeda. Or the pampean bees invocation made by Professor Norberto Martin from high Italy.

My friends Gloria Ortiz, Marito Monti v Juan Enrique Romero, I have known experiences as the fish farming; the breeding of turkeys with milk goats; the development of natural fertilizers (composit); obtain energy through fermentation of manure, or the petrosun, seaweed from maize or sorghum saccharine. They are still in the old libraries, those almanacs or primers of the Ministry of agriculture, which gave advice to family farms and orchards. All these experiences from the past or the current scale, should be employed to a program General economy domestic, facing up from the institutional sphere that corresponds. In our optics; This systematic return to the home, would pass through the educational system. In each elementary school, the existing dining rooms or to create should be stocked/total or partially with the products of the orchards or farm of the respective schools, operated by the teachers; students and parents organized into cooperators: we know that this is done with success in many places; more it should be done in all sites.