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This age group often ineffective text desert. Therefore, the educational comic was elected, it means the use of means of style comic with educational content. The focus is the information content, which is framed by an educational comic book. The comic is expressly regarded as promising youth-oriented means of transport, which promises the greatest success for the issues mentioned here. At a time when almost every young person and student has a cell phone, it was a logical step to offer a free mobile version.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Municipal Affairs, the app was developed for the iphone, Windows phone 7 and Android phones. Vela Entertainment Studios SHARK Media Player the offer of Vela studios in addition to Andi 1-3, other comics, including Lucky Luke, the prestigious Egmont Ehapa Verlag. All comic book apps by Vela Entertainment Studios take advantage of the new SHARK Media Player technology. The gaze of the reader runs automatically from Panel to Panel. Optionally, a dimming feature can be used, in which only the current Panel is displayed, and the rest of the comics is hidden. In the Explorer mode can you zoom in deeper into the pages into, to look more closely at Visual highlights of the comics. In page view, the individual pages of the comics can be control and select. The various features can be used with simple gestures, such as E.g.

with taps or by wiping. The SHARK Media Player also has a rotation adjustment to the display. This allows a comic in its whole width to see and read. Vela 1-3 Studios Andi published as a graphic novel app”the Andi comic series in the overview section with Andi 1-3 Advanced Vela Entertainment Studios offer of the comic apps be. Released comic book series Andi together with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Municipal Affairs of the State of NRW as a Smartphone app.