Very nervous behavior this employee is transferred through pressure to succeed. He assured me again and again, that he gave his best and feels the customer delivered now since the May 22, 2008. So the approach of an eBay dealer. Our company size can be compared confidently this a single dealer, after this change in the rating system. The principle of origin of the rating after each completed business, can express his satisfaction, but also his “resentment” of the buyer and the seller, was transferred on one side. Who has many positive reviews, considered to be honest and post higher sales – it was in the home.

Since the May 22, 2008, more about their customers may emit any negative reviews seller in Germany. Well, I mean as eBay buyer. Actually, just how often buys the average person if there will be professional – seller, as I notice it in the own House, soon no longer on eBay? Our “eBay employees” called me over facts, which is to consider it as a merchant. eBay costs the dealer between 10-15% net its commodity structure. Between shopping, the eBay fees for investments and statutory value added tax a product offered on eBay, thus several-fold increased (according to the basic principle of economic thinking). Only the resulting from eBay handling speeds of a product justify selling via eBay, so our employees.

I look at the auction site eBay as a buyer and as a seller and notice that the employees who deal with this distribution, are very nervous and dependent on success. The commercial eBay dealer are unfortunately hardly organized. “Cheaper” offer mutual price declines and the penny wise, the eBay dealer for some products provide is bordered by a dangerous Zerkliftung. In particular the “PowerSellers on eBay named” be incited by simple seller suggestions each other. Buyers receive, be deprived of what sellers in the news.