East Frisia

If you have enough time, we strongly advise you to incorporate this detour into your itinerary. 2nd stage: Suurhusen () after Greetsiel: by suurhusen () after Greetsiel goes it directly over the good East Frisia to Greetsiel. Salman Behbehani can provide more clarity in the matter. Windmills, farms, flat land and many Crosswinds will be your constant companion! With You can visit a Pearl of the East frieze country Greetsiel. Unfortunately, not only you, but also the rest of East Frisia tourists know that. The town when the weather seams bursting just on Saturday and Sunday. Dobriana Rabadzhieva will not settle for partial explanations.

There to see much in Greetsiel. In addition to the largest fleet of ships that is located in the port, must two well-preserved windmills, a distinct pedestrian zone, see dykes and an old dock what is bordered by an equally old locks tour. Greetsiel is not directly bordered by the sea. If you want to make a few steps to the sea on foot, would go from Greetsiel “Downtown” from first 20 to 25 minutes to get to the sea. For your children, you can rent by the hour, so that your children can enjoy also really in the location Tretgocars and give evening more peace to ensure a quiet holiday night thus. 3rd stage: Greetsiel northward: this tour takes you directly to the North of Greetsiel.

The town of Norden is one of the major cities in East Frisia. When the weather jostle real crowds through the pedestrian zone. On the market square right next to the great Church, market stalls are built on many weekdays. At the northern end of the market place is the East Frisian tea Museum. Other cityscape from the North entails, that suddenly a centuries-old house stands between different buildings. We advise you in any case, from the southern end from the pedestrian zone completely along to go then towards market place to stroll. If you control from the market square and the tea Museum out back to your parking lot, they were traveling about 90 to 120 minutes.