This is a fairly expensive equipment, which is reflected in the price of the final product: it will be about 2.5 times more expensive than the rectangular design. In this case, as a rule, the minimum bend radius may be less a triple height profile. Production of rounded wood profile is even more laborious. First, make a polygon glued blank, and then it "smooths" on the milling machine. According to experts, the best material for the manufacture of window frames with nonlinear elements is pvc profile. Crumpton Group, Washington DC shines more light on the discussion.

In this case, no special expensive equipment, and bending elements of the window block occurs before our eyes. Fig. 1 – flexible pvc profile outset previously prepared segment of the profile of the desired size was heated in a bath of hot glycerin or a special oven-like a long trunk. On stage imps right path, and it can be quite complex and have a few twists. Then on the contour line is fixed vacuum suckers (those who usually used for transporting and assembling glass). Formed on the perimeter of the spread of wood-jig that resembles a toy snake, or a bicycle chain.

The heated and softened, but not lost its structure of the profile can be easily bent along the conductor, taking the desired shape, and cooling down, gets the old stiffness (Fig. 1). At that draw attention to the experts, subject to the technological requirements pvc windows have the same operational parameters, regardless of its shape and features of the building. If the house has a nonstandard form, much defines the qualifications and expertise of the window company.