Moscow Companies

transfer of environmentally adverse production outside the city. Thus, large-scale construction cost about $ 2 billion will not go to the detriment of the existing building. At present, companies not only increase the volume of construction, but also enter new markets. Thus, the Moscow company is on their projects in the region and foreign concerns master Russia. It is evident that each local market always has its own specificity (presence of free sites, especially consumer demand, etc.), without knowledge of which "a visiting Varangians" have difficult. The conclusion is clear: it is necessary to combine their efforts with a local company. An example of such cooperation was concluded in summer 2007, an agreement between St.

Petersburg step step and French construction firm gse Group. In fact, it is an education alliance between competitors: both organizations are working on the logistics and industrial facilities. Nevertheless, each of the parties involved are interested in it conclusion. "We have the experience to optimize design decisions and construction management of large complexes. Company step knows local needs "- said the director of international projects gse Jean-Louis Tees. And the president the St. Petersburg organization Dmitry Kunis, in turn, notes that participation in the joint project – "this additional financial security and reputation, the ability to attract online customers." Switch me by The consortium, formed by two logistics companies – a vivid example of what a cooperative is almost always interchange: capacity, resources, know-how. Figuratively speaking, the conclusion of such "Marriage of convenience", where each partner has its own interests, it is the general trend of the market.