Company Structure

To date, a network of shops 'Technosila' is one of the largest chain stores – the market leaders in consumer electronics. The main instruments to achieve our goals. We are constantly working to please the visitors and buyers of our stores. This means that we do not just satisfy their real needs, and try to predict the possible queries and the maximum satisfy the requirements of even the most discerning consumers. We honor our commitments to our customers and our suppliers, so over 11 years of successful work in the Russian market, we have reliable partner for many businesses, organizations, as well as the priority network for the purchase of household appliances and electronics.

Competent professional liability management – a key factor in our success, so we constantly improving staff at all levels of our organization by investing in training (both in Russia and on the basis of the world's leading retailers), and development. Permanent integration of international experience, outsourcing and internal consultants, including at strategic positions, allows for timely, outperforming the market, to apply global retail technology. We work as a team. Understanding the goals and objectives of the company at all levels of the organization, and and ways of their implementation is the basis for the successful operation of our company. Clearly formalize the structure of the company, the certification of key positions and procedures, management of the basic parameters of efficiency. Efficient regulation of the structure of the company, its activities, namely the description of the procedures, job descriptions and procedures of interaction between different departments of the company, carried out in co; correspondence with the system and the principles of iso, adds quality to the work, allowing precise control over every stage of the team and constantly improve.